fubar.comscrapper aka ryan

April 26, 2017
what did I excatly Categorically lied about? there is no fantasy stories about him or mike owning a manison, 2 boats and 12 cars? or SEX tapes? or even traveling around world because thats the truth? or they had many people reporting them due to get banned for no reason? his blank threats do not scared me or anyone else for that matter. he can banned me for no reason all that he wanted lmao. if he really actually knew that his so called customers distrub my fun. not me buddy. maybe the owners would know that . his behavior is very unacceptable. and what? truth hurts???Please COMPLAINT BOARD... go hire Private Detectives and Investigators then you would see that im not lying. he banned my account all because i told my honesty. maybe he need to go see doctor. not me. how a person going to be nice that is if he's ###? that is unprofessional. if you seen my previous skype messages i send ya'll with 1 of his customer. here is fubar tos and bible. it said that two different things in rules. fubar tos said they cant get involved with member disputes but fubar bible said under abuse and report anything related to fubar must be screen shot for racist or biotgy or whatever. even skype info of mine were in haters nsfw. this is my account, fubar tos, fubar bible andd scrapper inbox. look at number 7 on fubar tos. then on bible look under abuse and reporting. then look at my page in numbers. and his inbox. in photos. so if you saw that those customers who was paying his way distrub my fun. its other way around. and people on skype tell me to go kiss his butt to get un banned . i said no because im very honest and real to point. so not my problem that is if ya'll investage fubar as a scam. heres my link HTTP:// and my surgery ( PCOS ) has nothing to do with Fubar that is if he actually knew what pcos is. it has temper too. Never mess with Texas Woman that who knows everything even Mike Hedlund on fubar hs facebook. his co owner. if you check the page. he been traveling and stuff. Name me 1 normal or famous person please that personally buy all that Luxery on their own without needing other people's help without getting into bankrupty??? I would love to know that. beside the fact im deaf and partly disabled. So i will not personally remove nothing about fubar related until he grow up and fix all mistakes since other people that he banned personally already reported to FBI. and having 4 different paypal account smh. Fubar need to be shut down and investage clearly unless he want serve prison time. be my guest because they will froze assets that is if i or ya'll show him proof in court? plus a friend from uk is from national security. he been collecting fubar spam/adware and people threating me etc... he got all screen shots. go ask for a guy named Mike in national security intel team in UK. he will provided more for ya'll than just me. or his former bouncer named philly phil aka phil krecota who will send ya'll SEX tapes that fubar owners send him that is if ya'll subpenoa him. because revenge PORN and filming women without knowledge ( SEX tapes ) is against law. cyber bully at it finest. it is against law too. Maybe ya'll need explained laws to him and tell him that i'm right. those customers are drug addicts and alcoholic that does it on live webcam in lounges. even food on them while naked. that should not be on fubar at all. if yall sign up on fubar then go see it yourself. and those customers have me in their nsfws. my skype info shouldnt be in members pages or nsfws. i'm only 1 sober here. go explain the laws to him about involving thier business that is if he knew that he has 2 different set of rules to those customers under fubar tos and fubar bible. maybe he will learn his lesson by not going to prison and have company shut down because 59 percent of people complaint about it. i'm not only one. so hes dumber than rocks thinking that its okay to ban people without going through facts and not able to have people complaint about company and them as business owners in real world. so no this is not okay. nor do i have time for his childlish games. Maybe he should quit partying at young age and spend all luxery that he can not afford and grow up. as far as i'm concerned when COMPLAINT BOARD finally do hire Private Detectives and Investigators then see that i'm right and i don't lied about it. he will be the only one that is sorry to lose his business from ya'll or FBI. if i'm such a nice person then does he realized nice person barely have enough tolerance for customers behaviors right??? then when you push so far limit on nice person and they will lose when nice person win in eyes of court law. sorry but truth hurts ryan. ( aka scrapper) k. ciao. thanks.

May 18, 2017

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