SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Non-Delivery & Poor Customer Service

TX, United States

My grandfather died at the end of March. April 14th would have been my grandparent's anniversary, so I ordered a lily plant to be sent to my grandmother in Texas on that day, because I knew that it would be a difficult time for her. I placed the order online a week in advance on April 7th. April 14th came and my grandmother told me on the phone that evening that she didn't get anything. I called FTD's customer service and got someone in the Philippines who could barely speak English. I complained about the non-delivery. She read her apology script and told me that there wasn't a florist available to make the Saturday delivery, but that they would "upgrade" my order and deliver it on Monday instead. Monday is too late and completely unacceptable!! They were supposed to deliver on Saturday, so they should deliver on Saturday. That's what I paid for! At 8:16 PM on the 14th, I got an email from FTD that said the item I ordered wasn't available. WHAT?! First off, if the item wasn't going to be available for the day I wanted it to be delivered, then it should have said something on the website when I was placing the order. Second, according to FTD's substitution policy, if an item isn't available, then the local florists are supposed to substitute something of equal or greater value so that they can meet their delivery deadlines. They didn't substitute anything. My grandmother didn't get ANYTHING. Third, why is it that no one from FTD emailed or called me sooner when they realized that they didn't have what I'd ordered? 8:16 PM on the day of delivery is too late for me to make any sort of alternative arrangements to have something else delivered that day -- whether it be from FTD or a competitor! I am so frustrated and angry with FTD's complete incompetence. They claim that customer satisfaction is important to them, but in actuality, they don't give a flip. I had to set up a dispute with PayPal in order to get a refund. I will never use again, and neither should you.

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