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Downers Grove, IL, United States
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FTD will not allow frequent flier miles program members who are members of their yearly Gold Rewards Program paid yearly program earn miles and use the benefits of the Gold Rewards Program. They claim you cannot “combine promotions” and must choose to use your Gold Rewards membership OR receive airline mileage for the order...but not both. A paid for membership such as GOLD REWARDS is specifically offered and advertised for waiving of the service fees and delivery fees.
It is therefore not a “promotion” because it is only available to those who pay for the benefit. Airline miles are NEVER awarded for the amount of monies paid for delivery fees, service fees, or taxes anyway. To refuse to honor Gold Award Member benefits that I have paid for if I choose airline points is refusing to offer benefits I paid for and to, in effect, charge me a service fee for receiving airline mileage points.
FTD is penalizing the customer by charging the customer service and delivery fees if they desire to receive airline miles for an order, therefore charging the customers to receive the miles for orders. Therefore, neither the airline miles awarded nor the Gold Rewards is a free promotion. This is bait and switch, poor customer service, deceitful, and in layman’s terms, reduces the value of Gold Rewards to a worthless yearly fee for customers who are members of an airline frequent fliers club as they cannot use the program they have purchased in good faith. Plain and simple, for such customers, this is a rip off.


Oct 20, 2017

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