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Fry's Electronics / bait and switch, failure to live up to price matching policy

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I consider myself an average consumer. I needed to purchase an i-touch 32gb, and 2 laptop computers. After scanning the internet for deals, I found the older model i-touch at Fry's for $249. (checked availability at my local store 8 in stock) and got the name of the representative who confirmed stock. Best Buy had a great deal on a laptop, but I felt that Fry's would likely have the same computer at the same price. Drove to Fry's and went straight for the i-touch; only to be told they haven't had it in stock for 2 weeks. Gave the name of the sales rep who said it was in stock, I was told no such person exits there. I didn't want to pay $299 (their price now) So on to the computers. Found the same computer as Best Buy, as I expected. Asked the salesperson to match price per company policy. I was quickly told that the products were not the same as 1 single number of the product was different. I asked to confirm stock on hand, and was told they had 3 units. I went to the store general manager. After waiting for 45 minutes I went over the i-touch issue and the computer. He acknowledged that the computers were the same and the single digit difference is their "out" so they can avoid price matching on small margin items. I pressed the issue until he finally agreed to meet the Best Buy price (a $89 savings per computer) I asked him to call the laptop supervisor and bring 2 of the 3 computers in stock up front so I could purchase them. The supervisor then informed the store general manager that they could not find any and must be out of stock. The manager offered to sell me a lesser computer at an inflated price $120 higher than advertised around town. I decided to take my business elsewhere and have purchased the i-touch from ($20 below fry's price, free shipping) and both laptops from Best Buy (store 3 blocks from Fry's), instock and with a special so I also got a $25 gift card. Again, fry's fails to deliver.

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      20th of May, 2011

    I wish I had used my better sense and left the store! now I'm stuck with a video camcorder that won't hold a charge! And this is the second one! I had a feeling the box was opened (from the bottom) and they just put new stickers on. The guy could have sold a camera for $50 more, but kept pushing the first one i bought. Well, the battery would not hold a charge. I returned it - one day late - and had to get store credit. Months later, I bought another camcorder. Used it a few times. Batttery died. Charged it this morning for a few hours. Turned on after charging...the battery flicks that it's low, and then the unit shuts off! Can't get my film off camera...I'm charging it again now to see if I can charge it long enough to get my video off the darn thing. Called. Since it's been 21 days, I will be charged a restock fee to return...even though there is something wrong with it. They tried the bait and switch on me too. Tried to give me the older model and smaller capacity memory. I noticed and the salesperson laughed and looked over at her friend/fellow employees like she had gotten caught. Well, it's my fault for buying it there. I kept having the feeling I was going to get another camera that was really used being sold as new. I guess I'll lose restock fee and use store credit to buy things that cannot break - at least for a while - and buy camera elsewhere. They are total scam artists.

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  • Ch
      21st of Sep, 2016

    Absolutely ageee. Used to shop a lot at frys a decade ago. Then stopped after moving to east coast / midwest their presence is non existent or few stores. However recently they had a great price on a very high end OLED TV that I had eyeing. Called in and they said 2 were in stock, drove 50 miles only to find out that they just had the display model. Felt decieved by the cunning tactic. Also it had apparently thousands of hours of continous running and was worried about the panel life. OLEDS they say would dim over time. Still went through the purchase as it was a good deal, got upsold for a $450 extended warranty. They said I can checkout and they would bring the TV out to the front and curbside to help with loading. After payment was made, walked up to the front and lo behold, the TV bare, was sitting on a dolly. I asked them where is the box, packing material etc. they said they have none, not even cling sheets or bubble wraps and I need to take it as it is. Alternate was pay $150 to get it delivered!! It is a $3000 TV at discounted price, mind you!!

    My wife was with me and imagine the anger and frustration buying something so expensive and not even packaged for transport.

    To cut long story short, after few days of owning it, retuned it as there was a OLED sogn burn mark in the panel.

    Many lessons learnt here... Partly my fault succumbing to my own enthusiasm and part Fry's sly tactics. NEVER WILL SHOP AT FRYS ANYMORE!!!

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