Frontier Communications / they are the worst ever!!

Norwalk, CT, United States
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I had a problem with Frontier Communications and it was never resolved! I paid my monthly bill and later I received a notification from them that they did not receive the payment and they gave me few extra days to pay my bill. That was strange because I did pay and I had all the proofs that money went to Frontier Communications! So I contacted them via phone and they actually picked and then hang up!! And that happened every time I called, and it took me 11 phone calls until they finally answered. Their rep was so ignorant and he was totally not interested in helping me. He said "well yes some things like that happen" and that's all. He said he'll check what was going on but did nothing and several days later I got another message in which they said that was final warning. No words can describe how much I hate these scammers!! I already paid and I will not do that again, I don't care! If you are not their client then consider yourself lucky!

Jan 16, 2017

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