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I believe Frontier Communications is perpetrating a major fraud on people. They mess with the DNS server, then when complaints come in, they tell them their modem is bad and they will send them a new one for free or for 6.95. What they don't say is this is 6.95 per month added on to their internet fee. So in the last two months, internet went down, I called and both times it is our modem. Funny thing, while on the phone with a rep, my internet came back on. The second time I told the rep I thought it was a scam and then he relented and said it was a server problem "now that he is looking at his screen". So for all of you in Indiana who just bought a modem or got one sent, watch your bill. And, you can send me your old modem. It's not bad.

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  • Ze
      Oct 31, 2011

    I have a modem which has worked fine for nearly 10 years and worked fine up until a few days a go. I also have Frontier service at a second location with a similar modem. Both have 'gone out' in the past 2 weeks. Once Frontier restored seevice to my modem. Now it isnt working again. Their 'helpful' phone staff has offered to send me a new one because 'my old one needs upgrading'. This is a blatant move on their part to increase my bill by $6.95 rental fee per month. I told them it was a shakedown, the rep laughed. It is like the 50s all over again. I am rural with no other DSL provider and I am 'renting' a $50 modem for $6.95 a month! That's how it was with phones in the 50s when monopoly phone companies didn't allow you to own your phone. Outrageous behavior.

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  • Mo
      Nov 14, 2011

    I live in Oregon where Verizon used to provide our phone and internet service. Frontier took over about a year ago. Last month my bill included a notice telling me that my modem would no longer be "supported" by Frontier and to upgrade to a wireless modem/router for $6.99 per month. I called to ask about this as I have my own router and my modem was working fine. The customer service rep put me on hold to find out about the notice as she didn't know what it was about. I told her I didn't need a modem/router as I had purchased a router and the modem was working fine. I asked to be sent whatever modem Frontier would support, but that I didn't want the "upgrade" for $6.99 per month. After putting me on hold a number of times for well over 30 minutes, she finally said she would be sending me out a new modem, and that I was not going to be charged the $6.99 per month as advertised. Last Wednesday the modem arrived. Guess what? It was the very same wireless modem/router that was advertised. I tried to follow the instructions to set it up but had to call tech support for help. After two hours, we finally got it working. I asked about why I wasn't sent the modem I asked for instead of the wireless modem/router. The tech person said that was the only one Frontier was supporting. I asked if I was now going to be charged the $6.99 per month fee, and she said I would be charged, because that is what upgrading to a wireless model means. I explained that I was told by a customer service rep I would not be charged, and she responded that the rep was wrong. I am at my wits end about this. I have since called again to get an explanation of why my original modem needed to be replaced and why I would now be charged an extra amount every month for no reason... to me there is no excuse for this and I hope everyone in Oregon calls and complains. I would cancel my service if I had some other option for home phone service/Internet at a reasonable price. My only other choice is Comcast, but they are just too expensive and I don't need the TV cable. So... what does a person do at this point?

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  • Pm
      Oct 27, 2012

    Our service with frontier was fine, then for some reason, it kept messing up, so the last time I had this problem I called them, they said they had been down for about 2 days, but that my service would be better if I switched out my old verizon modem to their new wireless modem. I in return told them, I had heard what they were doing, changing them out & charging a new monthly fee every month for a modem not near as good as the one you had, & that I absolutely would not do that. So they reply & said please take it, their will be no charge at all. So I did, today I tried hooking it up, & had to call them, but as I was getting ready to hang up I asked the tech for curiosity, Sir I was told that this new modem was at no cost, is this true, Oh No he said, it shows on your new bill a charge per month for this. I immediately said, then I will now take it back off, & I did! I'm sending it back to them & hunting for a new server. My old one is working fine. This company must give their phone techs a bonus for how many new modems they can get out there each month. Why not, just think of all the money they are making on just one, multiply this by thousands a month, then years, look at their increase in sales & profit.

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