Frontier Communications Corporationlandline business service

This has been an on going battle with Frontier for years. They had a monopoly in our area and there was not good infrastructure in place so basically it is a license to steal from rural America. In October of 2017 my bill spiked up to $300 per month from the $100 which we agreed to. They said it was because I was out of promotion. I called a number of times all of my calls are recorded. Each call they tried to get me to go into contract with them. The straw that broke the camels back was when I called in Fall of 2018 asking why my bill was higher than I agreed to pay. I told them I was not paying them the bill and I was going to change service, which I did. Verizon offers a wireless home phone for $20.00 per month. The phone itself is $55.00 with a discount. You do not need internet to make this phone work. You can use it to fax as well. I am disputing that a company should not be able to charge you what ever they want to. They should only be able to charge you the amount you agreed to pay. This is a gimmick
and Frontier makes a ton of money off of your promotion ending and your bill going up triple. Please FCC stop this, many old people are the victims of this unethical way of conduction business. This should be illegal.

Nov 28, 2018

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