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Frontier Airlines / No ticket confirmation

1 CO, United States

Booked a ticket on their website. My card didn't go through. They asked me to call their call center, I called it and gave them my other credit card. They then asked me to wait, and later told me sometimes card confirmation takes longer and that when it came through it they will email me. 3 days no email. I figured the card didn't go through. So today I made a fresh booking and got a lower rate on their website.

I was checking my card information and I found out that the card was charged the second time (when i spoke to the call center). I then called the call center and they were quite adamant they this was not their fault that I did not receive an email confirming the payment. They told me that I should have called the call center to get an update if the payment went through. AFter much haggling they said we can only refund the latest one and not the previous one. I figured they saw the difference and decided to stick with the higher priced ticket. The funny thing is that i got the confirmation for the payment denied and the new reservation, but they claim that they had sent the email confirming my first ticket too, which for some reason I never received. THE lady supervisor seemed even more adamant that It is not their fault and it was my fault that I had bought a second ticket while the first was confirmed and reserved. I wonder if I hadn't paid for the first ticket would they allow me to board the plane, just because my ticket was confirmed and reserved. They almost made it sound that even the refund being offered on the second ticket was my good luck.

All this for $35 difference...wonder if the airlines think it was worth loosing the gratitude of their customers over a genuine case such as this. Just leaves a bad taste that although this was a genuine case (otherwise why offer to refund even one ticket), they chose to act in the manner they did. Actually a bit scared of flying with them now..if their call center was like this would their ground staff be.

I would think twice before booking tickets with this least through their website.

Apurva M


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