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Front Point Security / received 10 hang up calls and was emailed a contract with only an opt out option

1 Brooklyn, CT, United States

I submitted a short request yesterday for a home security quote. Today I received 10+ calls from them on my cell phone that all rang only once or twice and hung up before I could possibly answer. Finally, I called the number back to see who was calling and discovered it was Front Point. They apologized for the automated system calls and wanted to give me info about the home security options.

45 minutes later and I gave the guy my email address and asked him NOT to call me but to email me. He said he was going to send me a quote and a sample contract so I can see what a contract entails. I open the email and notice that the contract says it is a binding agreement as of today UNLESS I OPT OUT within 3 business days which can only be done by faxing or mailing in a form.

I am LIVID. How can a company claim to bind you to a contract without a signature??!! And then after I made it so clear to the very pushy salesman Walter that I was just getting information and definitely not interested in signing up for any services, I get this binding agreement in my email box? They don't even have my property address or my credit card but I will suddenly be bound to a 3 year service agreement? When I tried to call back, the office was closed.

If I do decide to get an alarm system, I will most certainly take my business elsewhere. And now to figure out how to get them to stop calling my cell phone...

Jul 25, 2015

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