I worked for this Friendly's location for a day and a half. that's it. I was hired based on availability I provided, but the manager, Heather, attempted to coerce me into closing on days when I could not since I have a 3 year old at home and a working spouse. On my first day, I was given very little training, and waited on several tables by myself while my "trainer" went on several smoking breaks, which are not supposed to be allowed. I was made to log in as a greeter so I waited on people but the other waittress pocketed the tips.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Clay, NY The restaurant was filthy and procedure was ignored by almost everyone. Day 2: Heather corners me again and rudely askes me if I am going to be able to close on fridays and saturdays. I told her, no, I cannot get a sitter to stay until 11pm. She told me I was worthless to her and that I should quit now because I would not have a job if I didn't. This was 10 mins into my shift. And after I had spent about $60 on uniforms. I called the district manager who apologized and is refunding me the cost of uniforms. I WOULD NEVER WORK FOR THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

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