FreeShipping.сom / unauthorized money being taken from my checking account monthly for $12.97.

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I just discovered this company has been taking money from my checking account without my knowledge. I went to my bank to find out why this money was being taken out. I was given a phone number. I called it to see what it was. I was told that I had joined or subscribed to this when I ordered from Kohl's in November 2015. I never knew anything about this. This was the first time I ordered Christmas gifts online. Kohl's had sent different emails that if a certain amount was ordered that it would have free shipping. I never saw anything about this and I for sure would not sign up for something to be taken from my account. I had tried to order from Kohl's for days, but it would not go through using my Kohl's card. Finally, I used a debit card and it went through. I was supposed to get money back from Kohl's for the amount I ordered. I did not get that, and now I find out about money taken by this so called, falsely called, "". I am upset. I do not ever want to order from Kohl's again, but I haven't. It was only before Christmas. I have shopped in the store and I like Kohl's a lot. Only, now, I don't know. I want all the money taken to be paid back. Since I did not agree to anything and did not see anything to agree to, this is crazy. Why would I order from Kohl's and agree to pay $12.97 a month for free???shipping??? I would not have ordered anything at all.

Mar 14, 2016
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  •   Mar 15, 2016

    Hi! I'd be more than happy to help you with this. Unfortunately, I will not be able to locate an account for you using the information given above. Can you please reach out to me directly at [protected] with your name and zip code?



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