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The Hirer nick is stocksforbeginne in is the man that has stolen my 100 hours work at This man Goran Dolenc is known that he is a head of a foreign securities trading GBD BPD Joint Stock Company in Slovenia that made me believed that he will pay. The company sounds good with reputation. But this man has a problem with that. In the beginning, he showed up as a good man, a good employer who created some jobs for freelancers to do in freelancer’s site. He chose me first to do first job with collection information of 41 air-conditioner manufacturers in their sites. I have done it well. Although there were some minor mistakes he gently told me to fix and I corrected and he paid me rightly no question. He made me thought that he a good employer for any freelancers when he tells mistakes to fix. Well then the third object he created was a very difficult one that had to fill in data of over 500 products with nearly 100 columns of details. In the description he said that almost the data of the job had filled, only 1/3 was missing needed to fill in. I bid for it and he gave me. But then I found out that only 10% of the job data was there. A huge data of those different products were missing, only some products have full data in their original sites with specification PDF or section. Other sites don’t show that I have to search a lot in the internet.

I have done the job very hard over 100 hours with headache. There are a lot of data missing and placed everywhere or hidden. But I have finished them with my best of collection possible. I sent him back. He took very long time to check and then he ignored to pay me the job as $100 that I have been charged already $10 in the beginning for the He said that he found out 10 mistakes in that sheet and he didn’t give me any chance to correct them and said that he was not going to pay because of 1 mistake. That is really ### that everyone would know. That job is not an exact data document he gave me to be perfect. Even it is exact, minor mistakes would occur as it’s inevitable. I had explained to him with all information I am able to make him understand. But he seemed not to understand at all. He didn’t reply to me with understandable reasons. He is trying to run away with no payment for the worker that has done a job for him with a lot of effort. I believe that he will do the same to others.

I have tried to contact him with all information I have to get my payment. But he ignored to respond and refused to pay for it. And he also withdrew the milestone and made my account at suspended with no good reason. In total he has stolen $115 from me.

I also complained to but they don't offer any protection for freelancer. They also suspended my account with $5 in it, they also charged $10 of the project price in advance. They said that stocksforbeginne (Hirer) put a complaint about my job and about the truth I said on the site. They said that I have to contact the Hirer to settle that. They let him cancel the %50 milestone in the beginning. They appear that they are not responsible for the payment the freelancer at all. They took away from me $15 and let Goran Dolenc (stocksforbeginne) stole my work and $100 payment.

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  • Do
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes is dangerous ... I agree with you, I was suspended also...and I can tell you more!

    First I will tell that whatever you do you are monitored, they collecting data about you, starting with IP and end with worse things that you can not figure out. In addition, this system has several drawbacks pit:
    1. All the information you post on this website remain archived at them, so it's better to not transfer something through it, but if the buyer refuses to pay for your services or cloth that have been shared outside of this system then you risk not being paid!
    2. All the money you've worked are strange checked,
    3. Withdraw system are ###, until you do not pass through it you do not know how it work, be carefull...
    4. Very Big high commissions, Rather, they make money on you than you on yourself...
    5. In general the system is very low ! You can use your bids with no succes, if a project is canceled you loss bid for nothing, and more stupid things like this ... all they do is to make profit from everything that can benefit without servicing to examine the quality that renders them, if you want to put more bids buy Gold member, if you want to make your bid noted then pay, if you want withdraw or upload money then pay a little bit more..., if you was awarded then pay, if funds was transfered from awarded project then pay again...also there a lot of something for buyers and freelancers ... Work stupid! We will make money on you! ... Naive is crazy!
    6. ...
    7. ...
    8. ...
    9. ...
    10. ...
    11. ...
    13 ... ###, ### and nothing more!

    Also if you will open their first page you will see:

    Reduce Costs
    Pay as little as $30. The
    average job is under $200!

    World Class Security
    Only pay once you are
    100% satisfied.

    LOL!!! So no interest for freelancers people who want to work, Think! ant their team must be ignored!!!
    Don't use their service.

  • Tj
      2nd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes is bad and the Hirer Goran Dolenc (stocksforbeginne) is bad too. I don't recommend anyone to trust both of them. You will loose your time, work and money for them. Securities company is built with trust but not for this company with bad leading personnel.

  • Fr
      7th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    We appreciate your feedback about

    Please note that we do not respond to customer issues on public forums. If you would like to contact us directly our Support Team are available 24/7 at this link or email

    If your complaint is regarding a legal or compliance issue you can email or write to us at PO Box 1121, Double Bay NSW 1360, AUSTRALIA. is the world's largest global outsourcing platform with over two million registered users. We value feedback from our users and would like to take the opportunity to improve wherever we can.

    Freelancer Support Team

  • Fr
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    We appreciate your feedback about

    Please note that we do not respond to customer issues on public forums. If you would like to contact us directly our Support Team are available 24/7 here or email

    If your complaint is regarding a legal or compliance issue you can email or write to us at PO Box 1121, Double Bay NSW 1360, AUSTRALIA. is the world's largest global outsourcing platform with over two million registered users. We value feedback from our users and would like to take the opportunity to improve wherever we can.

    Kind Regards
    Freelancer Support Team

  • Be
      18th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'm in a similar position, has stolen my money. I posted a job on The winning bidder tried to do the job, but he could not, so he told me he is refunding the money. He sent me a screen shot showing that he made the refund, but Freelancer is not processing the refund. The bidder does not have the money anymore, has the money, but will not send it on to me (as the bidder requested). When I complained, they suspended my account. The support people do not answer tickets and live support keeps getting turned off by them (the site will suddenly say live support is unavailable) as soon as I ask what is going on. When I asked them for their legal department, they said they do not have one. When I asked to communicate with a manager (to get this issue fixed), they said they don't have any managers. When I asked for the support department email, to create a ticket, they gave me a fake email, and my email message to support (requesting a ticket be opened) just bounced. Bottom line, the bidder does not have my money, I don't have my money, does have my money. They are not willing to communicate properly to fix this issue. In my opinion they are thieves, and I think they are stealing people's money with intent. They give Australia and Singapore a very bad name.

    Note to, if you say that "...Please note that we do not respond to customer issues on public forums...", which I see posted throughout this site and others, then why are you posting? These posts are a response, albeit a "canned response" nonetheless. And the nature of these responses also demonstrate your lack of interest and indifference to your alleged theft and or other alleged actions - Particularly when your own support team claims there is no legal department (for Freelancer).

  • Ni
      11th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    We would like to take your kind support and help in exposing off one of the biggest scam and fraud company with the name Run by Matt Barrie who is the so called CEO of the company.
    The company has always been in the news and press for providing one of the best platform for outsourcing but after surveying and searching the internet for past 2 months and after having a personal bitter experience with the company and a long discussion with their CEO we would like to state that the company is nothing but merely a HUB of scams and fraud. This company is not only doing internet frauds and scams but also spoiling the name of the country in which it is registered.
    We registered as a service provider on the website 2 months back and won lot of projects online, our clients created milestone payments for us using their paypal accounts and all of a sudden company blocked our account without any reasons.
    They asked for verification documents in such a manner that we got furios for the issue. The company asked us not to cross mark anything on the documents and also asked the owner of the company to send their passport and a verification code in both the hands and send them the pictures. This kind of verification made us quite suspect along with their statement that we must not darken or blurt or put any cross mark for our safety on the documents.
    When searching on the internet we also found out that this company use to steal the identity of people and rip off them for their money. They use the id proof and documents of their site users for scams and frauds which involve money.
    They Also usually suspend the accounts of the users when they are about to withdraw the money for their hardwork which they have done online. Apart then this company also suspends the accounts of the users who have some money in their accounts in the form of milestone payments and then mentally harass them to send multiple documents and never reinstate their accounts.
    They also never refund the payments back to the project owners who had made the payments for the freelancer and neither they withdraw the money to freelancers. This way the company is running a huge huge scam online and both the project owners and freelancers are harassed.
    One such incident occured with us when our clients with their username itgenie, eloko, proshopexpert made the milestone payments of 200 USD each and asked us to start the project, all of a sudden our accounts were suspended and our money with them freezed.
    We sent them multiple emails, talked to their staff which really has very very poor customer support service. But no resolution was made, they also denied to refund the money to our clients and also didnt allowed us to withdraw the money, it was paypal who supported us at that moment and helped us to get our money back from which we paid to the company for getting the gold membership.
    Finally we agreed to send them our documents but only on condition that we also requested them to send the documents of their company, their legal status, registration certificates along with the documents of the owner of the company in order to ensure that the company is a registered legal company and our documents are going in safe hand, but company denied to send us stating that they have strict privacy policy and they never send their documents for cross verification- which again made us suspect of the company.
    You can check the authencity of our email by checking scam, fraud, scam, fraud and google will direct you to various websites like, /link removed/
    All the above three portals will have hundreds and hundreds of complaints against this company.
    I strongly believe that the staff of this company must be put behind the bars for ripping off the users for their hard earned money.
    with warm regards
    Nitin Naresh

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