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Fred Loya Insurance / fred loya is a joke of a company...

1 Anaheim, CA, United States

I was involved in an accident with one of their insured. I was driving on a main street and the insured was leaving a gas station and swerved into my lane causing damage to my car. At first, I contacted Fred Loya and filed a claim with them. They got back to me and took my car to one of their authorized repair centers. They said they were going to fix my car. Everything looked good up to that point.

After about a week, they called me back and declared my car as a total loss. They also declared me as at fault when it was their insured who crashed into me. I talked to the repair center and their estimate was close to $2300. Fred Loya would not pay for any damages that my car sustained, so I got a lawyer and filed a case in small claims court. Since you're not allowed to sue the insurance company directly, I sued their insured and also filed a claim with the California Department of Insurance.

After about a month later, a Fred Loya claims adjuster contacted me and offered me 50% of the estimate that I received from the repair shop. If I were to accept their offer, I still would have been at fault and their offer was not even close to repairing my car. A week after that they called me back and offered me $2000 and I accepted.

Lesson learned, I hope none of you get hit by a Fred Loya insured, because collecting from this company is like pulling teeth and they will do everything they can to save every last penny. If you are ever involved in a crash with this company, file a claim with the Department of Insurance in your state and if that doesn't bring results then you'll have to sue their insured.

In my opinion, a company that doesn't protect their insured from being sued is not an "insurance" company.

Jun 28, 2015

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