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Denial of claim form

Greetings! I've been a Fred Loya customer for over 10 years now. Regretfully, I'm not happy with the service or lack of service with the above claim number. The adjuster Michael Rivera and his supervisor Rosie Orosco have both been giving me the run around.Call their office phones and calls go straight to voicemail. When Mr. Rivera does call back his tone is rude and disrespectful. Currently all I've received in the mail are two denial letters and my question is why?

I've provided Fred Loya Insurance Company (via correspondence with Mr. Rivera) police report, the other person insurance company and filed number, pictures, etc. I've informed Mr. Rivera that I'm not going away and that expect the services I've been paying for to be respected.

claims representative

I'm new to the claims process and if I tell you its been hell. Especially if you have to do all the calling and running around just to find out when is your car going to be fixed. I had the pleasure of speaking with a claims representive that was very rude, snappy and sharp with me, in addition to the fact that the claims adjuster that suppose to handle my claim has been M.I.A . The whole process is pain staking and these rude reps don't make the situation any better. I'm totally dissatisfied, disappointed and disgusted with Fred Loya Insurance at this moment.

bad customer service

Date: 12/28/2019 Agent Number: 202 02163 CSR: Armenta Cesar My mom went in to not renew the policy and wa...

customer service

I paid my insurance a day late yes I had two accidents in one year did not know I was being drop, I paid it $155.00 and at o'clock I get a call that my payment would be reimbursed within 5-7 business days .If I am paying insurance means I have a vehicle, which I use for commuting to an from work. Your staffs lack of consistency has cost me a week out of work how in the hell is this a convenience to me.

marisol in their claims department

I had someone file. Claim against my insurance and she has been the one reviewing the case. Unless we contact we hear nothing and when my boyfriend who is the policy holder called she was rude and snappy refusing to talk to him so I called her back. She basically told me that she was going to side with the other guys. She stated I had damage on my front bumper I said yes as stated in my first statement to them and the state patrol there was previous damage to my whole bumper from before I owned it. She became unreasonable to talk to I reminded her. This other driver hasn't provided any information regarding if he has insurance or even a valid drivers license as he stated he didn't have them on him. She continued to ignore my request and questions. Just repeating that it could go against me and will continue to review I asked what that meant and she told me have a nice day and hung up.

the service provided

I've had a policy for a year now with this insurance. I've had nothing but problems since day 1. First off with paying in store with cash and not taking my debit card. Secondly, with the money being withdrawn from my bank account. The insurance always blamed my bank and the bank blamed the insurance. BIG RUN AROUND. The issue never got better. I had to start doing my payments in store. Later, I signed up online to give online payments which worked out way better. Now my contract has been cancelled and all while I have a claim still pending. I went in store last night to give a payment/renew and was not able to. Being that I have a claim and that my car should be in the shop. I was told i could only renew if i took my car to the shop the following day which of course was not in plan yet till i gathered my deductible payment. All services here and with the staff have been HUGE inconvenience. I've even called the complaints # and not once did anyone ever return my call and this was months ago. Now i bet when i go in to renew my policy being that my car is in the shop I'm going to be charged more than my actual monthly payment. One thing i only appreciate with this place is my payment amount! Watch it change now all because of this claim!!! Such a great service you all provide!!!

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    Make the service better and stop messing with customers policies. I see Im not the only one

claims department

If I could give this a 0 I would. I was in a car accident on 12/1/2018 and have been dealing with the other...

claims department

Cliam #5861562 I have an email from my adjuster stating as soon as the body shop receives my car that she...

call center/claims/customer service

I have all my calls recorded. I have proof of this absolute lack of integrity. They don't stand by what'...

insurance and claims

Fred Loya is the worst! Got into a vehicle accident and the other driver was insured by Fred Loya. Thi...

Fred Loya Insurance


First of all I've been a member of the Ymca for several years now. Time after time my family and friends we encounter minor problems with staff. Rudeness and sarcasm. Especially with the females. I was beginning to think they are ha ing bad days but today took the cake. The front desk older woman with shirt spike hair and glasses as seen on the pictures attached is rude and very sarcastic. I went to ask a question about registration for my kids fall basketball. She went off a different subject from what I asked and never answered my question. Several families here take the rudeness. I did for a while but enough is enough. I tried reaching out to Mr. LOYA himself but I have no luck. The woman have no customer service rela tions at all. The woman who clean are just as bad. They tell at you that we need to leave so they can clean when we just literally finished a game. I think there needs to be an internal investigation as to how these women treat the members. Something needs to be done with proper training or a crash course on customer service. Mr. Lots probably has no idea what's going on. When I ask for someone in charge alibi ever get is that the manager is not available. What a coincidence it's Every time I ask for one. Please look into the treatment from staff. There is no professionalism what so ever. This is completely uneccessary as I pay for my kids sports. Being a paid customer we don't need to be treated unprofessioanlly or with any sarcasm.


the put my insurance on "hold" without notice

Today I had a very upsetting situation and Fred Loya made it so much worse. My spouse's key broke off of the...

unethical behavior

We have called this company to settle an accident that happened, and when we called no one answered the phone and we finally got an letter from an Attorney and bill. We called today and the lady threaten my husband and told him to hush until she was finished talking. I wish I was home because she would have gotten a mouthful from me. I have sent them numerous mail regarding our car and nothing ever came about until we got the letter from his attorney. We still have not received any bill of dr's appointment and injury or the bill for how much they sold their car for at the towing yard. I sent all my information to them.

rental car

Please do not get insurance with this company!!
I had an accident it was my fault, i told them i did not want my truck fixed at their bodyshop, and brought it home after they took it for an estimate, now I'm looking for my own bodyshop.. today is friday and my truck will be monday at the shop, they tell you have 30 days on car rental for your car to be fixed, it's a lie! They just call me today (friday) to turn in the rental car since it's been 10 days. Customer service is RUDE, my udjuster is "ABRIL ARREOLA" she is rude as well you can't talk to her due to her rudeness, "supervisor" MARISOL CHACON also is no help, when you try to reach at them by phone they never answer! Stay away from this company.

claim adjuster not returning calls

Our claim # is 575817. We submitted a claim on 1/27/17. My husband Manuel Castillo took the car to the...

auto insurance

Run from this company as fast as you can!!! I have been a customer for years with fred loya. With no...


these like to lie too much, been waiting on my refund and still they cant send the money back, this insurance...

horrible customer service representatives this company does not care at all

My son was hit by a Fred Loya driver on 7/26/2016. On 8-3-2016 my car was deemed a total loss. They gave me a...

insurance claim

I was rear ended by a policy holder with Fred Loya Insurance. I tried to contact the adjuster Noe Mancera 30...


Someone broke into my car last month. I have been with Fred loya for yrs without problem because I never had...