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Fred Loya Insurance / refuse to pay

1 Del Rio, TX, United States Review updated:

We were hit by an insured driver from Fred Loya, they only will pay 50% and it was their insured drivers fault, even according to the police report. We are going to have to sue! The people are scammers.

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  • La
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Same here, and their "appraisal" of $300 is about one-FIFTH of damages as appraised by my dealer's body shop. I am told by three body shops that they have NEVER seen Fred Loya Insurance pay a claim !!!

    The only recourse options are 1) file with your insurance and have them collect from Fred Loya (meaning you will be out of pocket for the deductible) or 2) to file suit yourself.

    I am electing to file suit in Small Claims Court ("JP Court"). Cases may be filed there for amounts owed up to $10, 000.00 -- and you DO NOT need a lawyer.

    If enough of us file suits against Fred Loya AND file complaints with the State Board of Insurance AND file complaints with the Texas Attorney General AND file complaints with our local TV stations and newspapers, we should be able to make life quite difficult for these crooks.

  • Po
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Thank you Larry for the advice. I am having similar issue. First I called Fred Loya and they said the person did not have insurance. Loya calls back about a week later and asked about the accident. They finally claim liability 17 days later and do not look at my car until approximately 30 days after the accident. I was told they are only paying 7 days rental and the vehicle is still not repaired (waiting on parts). The adjuster even told me that the repairs were MY responsability even though I was rear ended and their policyholder was charged AND they claim liability. Body shop and rental car company said this outfit is their worst nightmare. I've exhausted all options and Loya is being unreasonable. I'm left with no option but to see legal action.

  • Ra
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    Have you asked to speak to a supervisor? I was hit by an insured of Fred Loya also in Feb 09 and I have got to say that it was the BEST experience I have had dealing with that kind of situation. They came out to see my vehicle 2 days after my accident and I received payment that same Friday, the guy I was dealing with was great. Im even thinking about buying a policy with them. I have dealt with Farmers in the past and that was a horrible process. So it may just have been the person you were dealing with which is not the companies fault. Also there may be more to it so maybe you can go into a local office for help. Good Luck!

  • La
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Even the Texas Department of Insurance cannot seem to get them to pay claims. Loya has more complaints than anyone !

    If you got a check, it was for far less than a REPUTABLE shop will repair the car. They sent me $275. My damages were almost $1500 by estimate of a REAL and highly regarded body shop. Add 7 days of car rental at $35 per day, and you can see just how sorry their "offer" actually was.

  • Co
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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    My car was total lost. Police report showed their driver was at fault and was cited at the scene of the accident for failure to yield while turning left, and driving with a invalid driver license. Adjust serrano stated that I was contributed 20% to the accident because I did not quick enough to avoid the accident. This is B.S. He sent me a check for $500.00 to settle for my injury. I do not accept the settlement. I file an appeal online with Fred Loya Insrance, but have not heard anything since. I also file complaint with Texas Department of Insurance, but I doubt that they're going to resolve anything for me because I am not Fred Loya policy holder.


  • La
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Why can we not get theese CROOKS shut down ?

  • Ti
      3rd of Sep, 2011
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    If you can see how they treat the customers you can only imgaine how they treat there employees, all the managament for houston they are all related, manager Roxanne Garcia married reginal manager Edgar Fiol
    then reginal manager made his sister area manager of houston.Diana Fiol. Iv been the manager of the humble office for over year now, and have ben employed with them for two years, just recently 9/2 had a situation with another representative who stated i was arguing with a representative from elpaso due to a underwriting change that had occured as to which i was unaware, all i stated to the rep was i felt, " That was not a thought out idead, are they thinking about the customer." as that time the representative gave me an attitude in which i adressed the same .that situation was foward to the president for the company which there after shortly was brought to me, during this situation i tried multiple times to reach a manager for advice on what i could do to keep a customer no one answered convinently as they are never available when we need .So i called her manager ( her sister in lawDiana Fiol) she finaly answered put me on hold for 7 min (this whole time with my customer in front on me) she got back on the phone started yelling at me why did she get a call from the president of the company stating that i didnt agree with the change and who am i to even give my oppinion, at that time i did enform my manger Diana Fiol that i was trying to keep the customer from cancelling his poliyc as it was my job to do as much as i could for the customers. at that time diana fiol still yelling said she doesnt care to just walk the customer and let him go said im done with you and hung up on me, I apoligized to the customer for this as he had ben waiting for almost 30minutes. After that two minutes when by i recieved a call on confrence with Three of the managers Jessica Quintero Diana Fiol Roxanne Garcia, at the same tim e yelling and screaming at me not giving me any chance to get a word in edge wise, what i did say mutliple times was there are not giving a chance to explaine my side as there are always two sides to every story. They didnt care they were screaming rude remarks trying to scare me, they were cursing at me repedidly so loud that on a normal work phone the three customer service representatives, and two customers heard they was they were handeling the situation so unprofecionally. I couldnt believe after everything i do for this company after they fired me twice once last december i was pregnet with twins, unfourtunitly i lost one of the babies in utero and had to have immediate surgery because i was unable to go back to normal work within three days they fired me and didnt higher me back untill i called jessica quintero and mentioned gettign a lawyer. The second time i got fired was when i gave birth to my son in april and again i came back as a manager managing the humble office, My manager roxanne garcia is in our office maby once a month, if even that so basically i am the main one who supervises the office, when this happened 9/2 all the managers ganged up on me, 9/3 when i showed up to work two of the managers Roxanne garcia and Diana Fiol smiling were there requesting to talk to me, i agreed and they couldnt understand why i was still bothered actually the word they said is i have a chip on my sholder, i corrected them at that time and said that i have never im my life ben so disrespected by another person especially in the work place, i told them face to face how unprofecional they are and if there was a problem to discuss they should have came to me in a better aproch, weither i was wrong or not, other than three women fueling off eachother yelling, when i said that they seemed suprise and said they were not yelling but talking loudly, once again i reminded them if that was the case the other people including customers wouldnt have heard a thing. At that time roxanne garcia said she didnt understand why i was stil lso upset that its normal to be treated that way here that she gets yelled at the same and she dosent handel it with any attitude, i advised her that it is not okay to adress any person especially in the work place as they did me its not profecionall. They both smiled looked at each other like i was freaking studpid, i have the representatives in the office who are willing to write any statment to back me up, this isnt the first time and wont be the last, this company is very shady unfourtunitly. PLEASE AUDIT THEM, YOU WILL SEE, THEY NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS, and im not telling you because im a pist of employee im still working there but because they was they handle business had to be stopped, they cheat the customers deny claims and have angents STILL selling policys to customers without being lisenced ! These people who work in the offices work extremly hard which are never apreciated and i am one of many i promise! PLEASECONTACT ME ASAP TIFFANI TROVATO 832-417-2828

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