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I purchased a perfume Bvlgari 3.4 oz tester from their site. First the perfum was delivered 5 weeks later and it was a fake. It was no original perfume. The smells dissappeared after half an hour and the bottle was bad quality.

TAKE CARE!!! THEY SALE NOT ORIGINAL PERFUMES!!! Don t waste your money!!!

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  • Ia
      May 17, 2015

    I agree with you 110% on your comment, about "FAKE" fragrance from this site. My one and only purchase from them was suppose to be "BURBERRY" but, that is "NOT" what I received! I purchased my first ever bottle of this fragrance from, a department store and, the fragrance was lasting but, what I received from Fragrancex "WAS NOT" and, it didn't even smell like the real product when I sprayed it out of the bottle!!!

    I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ONE OF THESE SITES EVER AGAIN! So ladies BEWARE and take my advice, DON'T do it this site is selling "FAKE" merchandise! But if you must, go to a dept store first and, smell the fragrance you want to purchase, before you oeder it from Fragrancex.

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