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I too can not stand to hear one word shepard smith says. He can not stop from expressing his opinion on anything. Those thoughts related to trump I consider more than annoying. He has told me that trump is insane for the last time. He loves to say that trump has nothing to back up his statements. How about when trump said he was being spyed on and shepard acted like he was crazy. That seems to be a daily occurance. Shepard never corrects himself when it turns out trump was not crazy.
The good news is I can turn off fox and wait to turn back on when the five comes on.
Why is shepard still on air?

Oct 22, 2018
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      Oct 26, 2018

    I totally agree with you!!
    Today Shepard Smith got into a verbal altercation with Chris Wallace in regard to all these mail bombs being sent to Democrats. Shep was trying to blame President Trump for all of it!! I was shocked & disgusted!! It's VERY HARD to be lectured by the DEMOCRATS on civility!! I don't know why fox doesn't FIRE him! Thank goodness, Chris Wallace stood his ground, against Shep!! All this inflammatory rhetoric by the Democrats and the press, to take action & "Get in their faces", "Kick them", "Tell them they are not wanted here", going after people at restaurants...Creates a climate for politically motivated violence. The Democrats historically have a very strong back-round in very dirty deeds...They were the only Americans to own slaves...They started the KKK...They presently are trying to change history by taking down civil-war statues, that ironically, are DEMOCRATS, , , hmm... When resident Obama was in the Whitehouse, many of us Republicans got so tired of him putting down Republicans & blaming them for everything...However, we never incited violence. The political division in this country, in MY lifetime, started with resident Obama & CONTINUED with the NEWS MEDIA...Being COMPLETELY unfair to the Republicans & President Trump! I blame them & the Democratic Party completely! The real kicker is, the highest member's of the Democratic Party are never prosecuted for their corruption & crimes!! THANKS be to God, President Trump is draining the swamp and with that, I hope prosecution of their crimes will be apart of that!!

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