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I rented a car at a weekly rate, however, I was debating if I should return it early, since I can take the hotel shuttle to the airport in the morning and just return the car the evening before at 10pm and not pay an extra day. I was told that if I return the car 1 day early, I would get a partial refund from the weekly rate, which is what is listed on the contract. When I returned the car 1 day early, as mentioned above, the customer service agent says that he’s not authorized to do a refund and the manager is no longer on duty and gave me the manager’s extension. When I called back the next morning, the manager did not pick up. I called 5+ times and left 2 voice messages. I never got a return call. I called the central customer service number and they said that based on the return, my rates automatically increase by $10 per day because I returned the car early, which puts me at a rate HIGHER than the weekly rate. So, in essence, I never got a refund and might incur an additional charge for returning the car early.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Los Angeles, CATheir customer service is extremely poor – the worst I’ve ever had. The funny thing is that if you call them, and you’re placed on hold (occurs often), … they emphasized the importance of customer service… what a joke!
Also, beware…. They have a lot of non-standard charges that only FOX rentacar charges. They even say that they’re the only ones that charge them and they make you buy insurance for it. For example, if you get into an accident, not only do you have to pay for the damages to the car (or your insurance pays it), but, you also have to cover the time the car is in the shop for (or the time the car could have been rented). So, if the car takes 10 days to fix, then, you are billed for 10 days, as though you’re using it. Because, they expect all of their cars to be making money for them 24x7x365. They even say that NO insurance out there will pay this part.. so, you’re forced to buy this insurance or sign that you acknowledge it and will pay it. So, the saving that you get from FOX will be offset by these additional charges.

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  • Ni
      Aug 10, 2009
    Fox Rent A Car - Don't do business with them
    Fox Rent A Car
    United States

    I have never been as disappointed, harassed, yelled at, terribly offended, threatened with very offensive words as I have been by the staff from FOX rental at their San Jose location, in particular a group of men with the names of Andres, Michael and Daniel. These men are very rude, unprofessional and in extreme cynical when it comes to attend a costumer with a complaint. In my case this is the fourth time I deal with them when they haven’t honored any of the rates I have brought along with me, these printed rates that I have presented, usually take a lot of trouble in finding in the internet, sometimes by searching for days at the time, they don’t care if you carry a print out which states very clearly, the rates shown there are final and non changeable, they completely ignore all of this and simply charge you anything they want arguing whatever excuse, from extra drop off fares to mysterious taxes.

    Their webpage also advertises low prices and when it comes to make a reservation for the days they promote, they come up with an entire different and much higher rate. I once tried to call them to find out the reason they quoted this advertising differently, and they told me their rates change by the day, but in my opinion, they just don’t want to help out and have the best excuse to ignore any complaint. I never got a satisfactory answer or solution from them. I consider this a complete and horrible scam.

    I would never rent back from them, it is not worth the money you save, I much rather pay more and receive a good service from another company. It is a shame that after so many complaints I made, and even some of the complaints I read in these sites, they cover up for themselves; their supervisor protects their behavior, and they do absolutely nothing about it. They continue allowing these same men work there piling up a number of complaints after sending you a lame message back making you feel like you deserved to be priced and treated that way. Their service is extremely deplorable, despicable, unethical and outrageous. I would strongly suggest for any costumer to NEVER do business with FOX.

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  • Kc
      Nov 07, 2009
    Fox Rent A Car - bad service/product
    Fox rent a car
    South San Francisco
    United States

    I was very disappointed with my experience at Fox Rental. I arrived in San Francisco to discover that they had overbooked the economy cars and that all they had available was a mini-van. So, I took the mini-van temporarily and was told to come back when they got more cars in to switch out the car. It is extremely hard to park a mini-van in San Francisco! The next day I went back to exchange the car. There was a 2-3 hour line to get through just to talk with an agent. Also, the previous day the agent gave me a card with contact numbers to call for assistance. This was a dead end number that nobody ever picked up on. So I had to leave messages. On another number I found they kept putting me on hold and not picking back up. Once I finally did get my new car (hours later taking up much vacation time, and still not getting an economy car) we were on our way down to Big Sur. This car (a PT cruiser) was much better, but it turned out that the air bag light/chime would go off repeatedly through out the next couple of days. I cannot tell you the stress of being in a strange car and having to worry the airbags might go off at any time while you are driving along a cliff near the ocean. Having to listen to the very loud chime noise over and over and over really sucked as well. Additionally, the power plug in the car provided did not work so we were not able to listen to any music in Big Sur. Overall it took quite a lot away from our supposed relaxing vacation. Frankly, I would like a full refund, but I have heard nothing back in response to my complaint.

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