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Fox Rent A Car / Rent it from an agency which cares more for its reputation!

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We rented a car from Fox rent a car from the san diego aiport. As others have also told you have to wait for around 30-60 mins before you get their shuttle.

This shuttle took us to a creepy looking office. Tha parkign space where the cars were parked was dimmly lit. We had asked for a Mustang and as usual they did not have it and they offered us free upgrade. The frustrating part was that he did not have enough vehicles to choose from for an upgrade. We finally decided (due to lack of options) to rent a Prius (which actually is cheaper than a Prius in terms of its cost, I don't know how it qualifies as an upgrade, lol). We did not take their insurance as we had our own GEICKO.
Due to the lighting conditions and our impatience (we waited there for more than an hour just trying to get that car) we just had a cursory look at the physical condition of the car. After driving some distance we actually noticed that the car bumper was chipped of the paint on one side. We rented the car for 5 days and then returned back; we did not have any accident/incident. The rental guy inspected the car and checked it in.
After 3 months we got a call from the collection agency that we owe them approx $5500 for damages to the car. On investigation they said that
1. the rear seat belts were missing (we never used the back seat and as such never noticed whether it was there or not)
2. The car door is scratched and so they replaced both the doors.
3. Loss of income due to inability to rent the car during repairs & admin fees

FYI you can get a brand new Prius for approx $20,000. So we were charged with more than 1/4 price of the car for a damages which we don't know ever existed while we had the possession of the car and for the damages which were never found during their checkin inspection.

(FYI most car rental agreements have it that they can inspect the car post delivery at their time of convenience, but before renting to a new customer).

Now comes the even crazier part of it. When we contacted our insurance guys, they talked to us in a tone that implied that this is very normal practice most car rentals follow to make money and most of the legal clauses in the agreement put you in a position from where they are always right and we are always wrong.

Lessons Learnt:
1. Don't rent a car unless there is no other option
2. Rent it from an agency which cares more for its reputation
3. Irrespective of your insurance status, buy their insurance, and you might be saved of all the deductible and possible premium increase situations
4. Inspect the car thoroughly, take its pictures, and best thing I would suggest to everyone is to make your own template of car rental agreement with your clauses written and ask their guys to sign it (If we can get it it would be great)

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  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Fox Rent a Car is a cheap company that hires people who are unable to provide the customer service required. Our experience was not as bad, but nevertheless we will not rent from them again. No wonder they just settled a law suite for over a million dollars for violating their customer's privacy by tacking them down with GPS.

  • Cl
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have never been as disappointed, harassed, yelled at, terribly offended, threatened with very offensive words as I have been by the staff from FOX rental at their San Jose location, in particular a group of men with the names of Andres, Michael and Daniel. These men are very rude, unprofessional and in extreme cynical when it comes to attend a costumer with a complaint.
    In my case this is the fourth time I deal with them when they haven’t honored any of the rates I have brought along with me, these printed rates that I have presented, usually take a lot of trouble in finding in the internet, sometimes by searching for days at the time, they don’t care if you carry a print out which states very clearly, the rates shown there are final and non changeable, they completely ignore all of this and simply charge you anything they want arguing whatever excuse, from extra drop off fares to mysterious taxes.
    Their webpage also advertises low prices and when it comes to make a reservation for the days they promote, they come up with an entire different and much higher rate. I once tried to call them to find out the reason they quoted this advertising differently, and they told me their rates change by the day, but in my opinion, they just don’t want to help out and have the best excuse to ignore any complaint. I never got a satisfactory answer or solution from them. I consider this a complete and horrible scam.
    I would never rent back from them, it is not worth the money you save, I much rather pay more and receive a good service from another company.
    It is a shame that after so many complaints I made, and even some of the complaints I read in these sites, they cover up for themselves; their supervisor protects their behavior, and they do absolutely nothing about it. They continue allowing these same men work there piling up a number of complaints after sending you a lame message back making you feel like you deserved to be priced and treated that way. Their service is extremely deplorable, despicable, unethical and outrageous. I would strongly suggest for any costumer to NEVER do business with FOX.

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