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Fossil Watch Company / fossil and their online gift certificates sucks!

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Fossil watch company offers online gift certificates. They will tell you that the certificate will be sent to email within 24 hours. This is not true. I ordered $400 worth of certificates on dec. 22nd and still have not received them! Calling fossil customer service is like calling "neverland". First you will be placed on hold forever... Then you will be told that the certificates are handled at another facility and they will have to call you back. You will never get the call. If you call again, you will be placed on hold until the phone line eventually goes dead. This has happened to me 5 times. Fossil sucks. These watches were supposed to be christmas presents... Merry un-christmas fossil.

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  • Ca
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    When I called Fossil's customer service it was like calling someone's house and getting them out of bed. I bought two wallets in November 2007(one was my error that I asked them to cancel but was sent to me anyway). I returned the wallet I didn't want and paid $9.71 in postage. I thought that was the end, but it wasn't. I have now been charged for both wallets(the latest charge was Jan. 4 ,08). I called and explained the situation to another clueless customer rep who admitted that they had received the return and my credit back to my account hadn't been processed yet-2 full months after the return. Next I sent a certified letter with copies of the charges on my banks statements at an additional cost of $6.50. I have proof that they received this letter and still no money back as of Feb 2,08. I will never deal with this company online again.

  • An
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    I ordered a gift card a month ago in February and my friend has yet to see it. It has remained "in process" status. I've been trying to call and can't get anyone to answer. I am extremely disappointed.

  • Br
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    My fossil watch stopped working a year after I bought it (5 year warranty), and I had the receipt. When I tried looking for a phone number on the original instruction manual that came with the watch, I couldn't find a number. I went online to their website, which didn't have a number, I e-mailed them through their system and received no response. I finally gave up, and about a year or so later brought it to a watch repair dude. He told me it would be a $45 repair (almost the cost of the watch). He was able to give me fossil's number.

    It appears now, fossil actually has this number posted on their website. They want to charge me $8.50 for their return shipping and tracking number. What a bunch of *sses. I'm considering just tossing the watch seeing as how they are doing such a crappy job so far, 1st, being a pain to contact, 2nd, charging me over the minimum for return shipping.

    Buy your stuff from another company, this one just wants to use shady business practices ( such as not having their contact info listed on their website or instruction manual ) to get your money. *sses.

  • Bi
      23rd of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    First of all, the information for the warranty is listed on the website and I found it pretty easily when I had to send my watch in for a crystal replacement. The warranty is also for 11 years, not 5 years.

    Sounds like the company that wanted to charge you $45 for the repair is the shady company. The $8.50 is a normal standard shipping fee when you deal with this kind of stuff. Also besides the $8.50 the repair is FREE so what are you complaining about. I'd rather $8.50 over $45 any day!

  • Mi
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I Just ordered a watch and a wallet.. today is thursday, i ordered them on sunday and paid the 2day air shipping because it was a gift for tomorrow friday, now the package is damaged and is being sent back to fossil in texas, the whole reason i paid for shipping even tho i had free ground shipping is because i needed that before friday, i sent tons of e-mails and they haven't responded. I've been calling customer service or any other number ther have on their website to see if they can help me, and all I get is a busy tone.

  • Ch
      14th of Apr, 2010
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    I am in the UK and ordered a watch and a wallet for my partner for his birthday. It did come on the day i needed it for so i called to check the staus of the order and was told they had debited the card but not put the order on!!!
    I was not happy! I was then told "well you wouldn't have got the order until Friday this week anyway", i couldn't believe what i was hearing, if i had of waited until the Friday to call and find out where my order was it would then of has to of been ordered that day and i wouldn't get it until the following week!!!
    Absolutley disgusting company, i'm glad i am not the only one that has trouble with these prats!!!
    I have had an email saying the wallet has been despatched but not the watch, i called to ask why and was simply told "they come from different parts of the warehouse". How ridiculous is that!! 2 orders being sent out seperately to the same person! ###s!!!
    I will never use them again!!!

  • Ro
      9th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My family will never again buy any product sold by this unscrupulous and disreputable "company". We will make every effort to report to and testify to, at least the Better Business Bureau, or perhaps, the Department of Commerce. You may be certain that this unsavory
    business practice will not go unnoticed and that this family will exert any and every effort to eliminate such abominations.

  • Di
      11th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Brutal. I ordered a watch in feb they said it was sent out on the 10th. It is now Mar. 12th and still no watch. I emailed then for the tracking number and he told me once it hits customs (I live in Canada) that it could no longer be tracked for some reason? Over a month now and neither he nor I know where the watch is.

  • Tx
      26th of Aug, 2011
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    I've had 2 watches from Fossil that quit working before they were 2 years old. The first one was a Michelle Urban Chronograph (owned by Fossil), the second is the Fossil Decker Chronograph. On both watches the Chrono mechanisms quit working. The Michelle had a 1 year warranty on it, so they wanted to charge to repair it as it was month out of warranty. The Decker they said they would repair at no cost to me. They ended up replacing the Decker completely, but still wanted the $8.50 for shipping. I informed them that when someone tells me 'no cost' I take that to mean there will be no charge of any kind. They waived the shipping charge. I'm waiting no to see if this one will last more than 2 years. I will not however, buy anything from them again.

  • Di
      26th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I purchased my fossil this summer and three days later the second hand fell off. I took it back to the fossil store intent on exchanging it and they told me that although they have an 11 year warranty, I have to send in my watch for repair, not replacement; which could take up to 11 weeks! This is my only watch, one that I wear everyday, and I cannot be without it for 11 weeks, especially since its absence would be completely due to poor manufacturing and bad customer service. Since it didn't affect the watches ability to keep time, I decided to forget it. That was, until I realized that the second hand can get caught under the other hands and stop the watch! So, I guess I have to buy a SECOND watch so I can get my first one repaired. I will never buy anything from fossil again nor will I cease my tirade of insults. This company definitely does not care about the consumer once they leave their store.

  • Co
      15th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I don't know who gave you the repair information you got that said a watch repair would take 11 weeks. I've owned Fossil watches for years which I will periodically send in to have completely refurbished. And, unlike some of the other watch companies I have dealt with on my other watches, they made it look brand new for about $25. Each time I've sent one of them for repair I got it back in 3 or 4 weeks. Have you even tried calling the repair customer service number to see if it really takes 11 weeks or see if they have any kind of loaner program? Maybe they will even exchange it for you.

  • Th
      14th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Consumerwhocares Pulsar and Swatch will do it for free. And I'm not even talking about the difference in quality you are getting for your money too. Don't play yourself.

  • No
      11th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Fossil's customer service is the worst I have encountered. I ordered a purse for my wife for Christmas and my account was immediately debited. I received an email saying the order had shipped but the tracking number was not real. Without any communication, my money was refunded and I only happened to notice this. I called and was told that due to a computer problem at Fossil, my order had been cancelled and my money refunded. The customer care representative replaced the order. The next day I received another email that the original purse had shipped and I immediately called and was told that the second order would be cancelled and had not even been processed nor my account charged. Both purses arrived anyway. I called Fossil to get a return label for one and again was told that I had not been charged. Fossil has now received the unopened purse but still charged me for the second purse I did not order. I called customer service and was told that there was nothing they could do and that eventually I would get my money back but it would take a while. This has now into the second week. I think it is poor practice to debit a customer's accout almost $200 without warning especially at holiday time and then offer no assistance (or remorse) about their screw up.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I went to Fossil store at Yorkdale last Friday to replace the battery and I was gonna use the gift certificate for it. The 1st woman that talk to me told me to wait 10 mins, then went to attend to other customer. It was not busy on that Friday morning(June 29, 2012 around 11:45 am) and there were 3 staff in there. More than 10 mins past the 2nd woman approached me and asked what I am looking for, I told her I'm just waiting for my battery replaced, she said she'll do it. The 3rd woman (only black woman in there), butt in and said that I was told 30 minutes by the 1st staff and that I can wait 30 mins eventhough, I've been waiting for more than 10 mins. I told her the 1st woman I talked to said 10 mins, then she turned to me and said that batteries are not high up in their priorities, (eventhough the watch I brought is a fossil watch) I did not expect this attitude from the staff, and so disappointed how she treated a customer just because I was not there to buy watch that time. The 2nd woman came back later with my watch and said that she couldn't open it, and I can wait for another staff to try but there is no guarantee. She told me that I can try Sears because they are more expert, this is laughable. Fossils should train their staff properly to do simple staff like battery replacement, they are supposedly watch store!!!. I told her I came back to fossil to use the gift certificate that's not good in Sear. It's not really her fault that she is not trained properly, my really disappointment and complaint here really is the rude black woman who has a lot of attitude who doesn't treat customers right just because they are not going to buy watch at that time. I bought 5 fossil watches and some belts and wallets through the years, and to be treated this way is just not acceptable. This is not about race, I just refer to her colour just in case for the off chance that Fossil complaint division might read this and so they can train her properly in customer service. Thanks for reading.

  • Dm
      27th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I encountered one of the worst people I have ever encountered in retail in Reed at the Fossil in Santa Monica. I went in weeks ago, and finally had the time to write this. Reed is rude, arrogant, and downright shouldn't be in the customer service field. Anything you ask him he either doesn't know, or dances and circles without ever actually helping you. He makes you feel like you're waiting on him, and has better things to do with his time than help you. I had a question about the movement of one my broken watches, and he didn't know a thing, and "was confused why I bought a watch I didn't know how it worked." His recommendation was just that I would need to send it in.

    I did notice his "service" was exceptional when any woman who is good-looking walks into the store. He sat there and ignored me and my wife while hitting on them (I don't think I ever heard him ask them what they were looking for, nor any of the classic retail questions, just them and what they were doing this weekend.) When my wife and I finally had another associate walk up and help us (bless him, amazing) we asked to speak to the manager after our transaction. To our sheer disbelief, Reed WAS the manager in charge at the time. That is a great shame. If I could remember this associates name I'd instantly say he needs to be a manager of that location, and Reed needs to be out. You cannot count on an employee who more than just ignore, but flat out is rude to, over half of your customer base.

  • Jr
      19th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I bought my son's Fossil Watch in 29 November 2011. Since this date, we have had this watch repaired 5 times, every time with the same problem - failing mechanism. Each time we receive the watch back, after paying an amount of about R200, 00 each time, the watch fails with the same problem within 1 month after the repair. Each member of my immediate family owns a Fossil, and no-one has ever had such trouble with the product.

    I have never received worse service from a company before, frankly, I have decided not to ever buy any Fossil product again as it's warranty means nothing. And for the price you pay, you would not expect the watch to pack up within the first year you own it.
    I will also dissuade my friends and family to support the product.

  • Fo
      8th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    I bought a beautiful ceramic Fossil watch in Anaheim, California. I spend nearly $400 on this watch but the encasement became loose. It was under warranty and I expected it to be fixed. I sent the watch to Metro in Texas for repair and waited 6 weeks to be told nothing. I was given a notification number with no valid answer as to why the watch was not fixed. I called the 800 number to find out why nothing was done. I was given a response of "We no longer have access to the part and it cannot be fixed". The company could not give me the part number, nor what part was needed. Puzzling I know. So I asked what I could do?I was told I can send them $85 and they will send me a gift certificate for $375 to be used in any Fossil store. I am so disappointed in the Fossil Company that I am planning on returning the 3 watches I recently bought, the purse, the wallet and perfume. I would rather buy products worth $1000 + from a company who supports and stands behind their products.

  • He
      16th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    i repaired my watch on 8th September 2014, the staff say it will fix by the end of December 2014 because it took 3 months (the longest they say). On 20th December 2014 i came and ask for my watch the staff say still there is no response from fossil center in UK and they ask for another one month which is January 2015. Because i know their service is really bad so i came back on 13th February 2015. I was really disappointed because all i get is exactly same reason as 2 months before, they still haven't get any news from service center. so when i gonna get my watch back? my watch been there for almost 6 months!

  • Mi
      9th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    My Son purchased a Men's Fossil Machine Twist Automatic Watch ME1157 which is quite expensive for Fossil standards. He saved half of the year for it and then found it for a decent price at a widely know online store. About a month into ownership it started making rattling sounds. A watch repair shop opened it up and found a screw had broken that held the self-winding mechanism and was a clear warranty repair. I sent it to Fossil Australia and they said they would not fix it as they seller was not "an authorised seller". I asked if the watch was genuine and they said it was but they still would not cover it. They sent back a fairly lengthy explanation that seemed like a canned letter they probably send out on a regular basis. I am very disappointed and after doing a bit of research about Fossil and it's practices, I will not be purchasing any more items from them.

  • Na
      17th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir/Mam
    I have purchased a fossil watch from Helios Store Near Bagai Petrol Pump, Marda Plaza, M. I. Road Jaipur rajasthan in india. They set the time and date in the watch same time.
    Next day of purchase i have face problem that watch is showing wrong date after i went to the same store for complain they told me its a minor problem and told me that its happens reasons of am and pm setting and they set the time and date and assure me that it will get me right time and date.
    same day watch showing right time and date and next date wrong date showing i went 4-5 times different days at helios store but problem is same then i told them that please you should change the watch but they told me that it is not possible and they will send the watch at Bangalore for repairing and then your watch repair and then you will not facing any problems.
    i submit my watch at Helios Store Near Bagai Petrol Pump, Marda Plaza, M. I. Road Jaipur at dated 21/11/2015.
    I have many times visited at same store for my watch but they are talling me that some defect in machine that's why it will take time i told them that please you provide me another watch same company and same model but the are not provide me watch they told me that without any approval from fossil we will not provide.
    sir my watch in warranty period then why should i suffer.
    i am very puzzled about same matter and your warranty period as you given one month same watch i am not using so please provide another watch i am not satisfied from your services.
    i just bought because some my friends told me that fossil is a very good brand but there is all different.
    bill and receipt attached with this mail
    i mail then many times at but no any raply till yet
    please provide the approval of change the watch as your brand or get me my money back if you can't change the watch.
    Please resolve my problems and provide me watch

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