Foschinithey took/lost my memory card

Hi, I have a cellphone insurance with Fochini where I purchased my phone and when my phone fell and the screen was shattered I took my phone in for a claim and fochini, I followed up with the Randburg Fochini and after a few days my phone came back and it was fixed. However, I am utterly disgusted at the service I received, I was assisted by a young man named Freeman, when I took my phone in, he took it and told me that he would send it off, after a day or two I realised that maybe I should have taken my mem card out first, but I assumed that because he didn't say anything, they would just fix the phone and return it with everything in there, but I went to ask him anyway, when I got to the store he lightly (without the care in the world) told me that what ever is in the phone, they would take and destroy it at the repairs. I went to call the insurance people to ask them if they could trace my memory card at the repairs, but they politely explained that it was impossible and that it is the responsibility of the store in which I sent the phone through, to check and give me back everything from my phone that does not need fixing, When I communicated this to Freeman, he was not even apologetic for not carrying out his job, in fact he just made me see that he doesn't care and its my fault. When he sent my phone off he ticked on a form that there was no memory card in the phone in which he didn't even bother to check in the phone if this was actually the case. I am extremely angry and I would like fochini to take responsibility for this. I am a good customer and this is not the way I should be treated, just taking or loosing customer's things without responsibility. I am prepared to take this to more complaint lengths, if no one takes responsibility!!

Jan 20, 2015

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