Foschinidunghille desire red 150ml edt perfume [protected] price r821.25 assisted by stephina

Hi.. I am johannes kobe a resident of lakeview welkom

On the 22nd december I purchase above mentioned item at your foschini goldfields mall welkom c/n buiten and state way boulevard street. I find out that the perfume I bought was the last on stock and I was told that there were no taster available which was not a problem for me, l purchase it anyway with markdown price a bargain I thought that time,
But after two days using it I was really not satisfied about it's smell at all, which was very very weak and not lasting the way it used to because it is not the first time I bought the perfume as I always use dunhille blue and red with satisfactions outcomes.

I was accompanied by my wife when I laid complaint at about mentioned store but we taken from pillar to post and told by the manager that it is factory fault and they have nothing to do and they can't help me. Please help me because you are my last hope. I always buy my perfume at foschini it my first experience. Thanks

Johannes kobe


Jan 09, 2017

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