Foschinibad service and I was threatened

Good day,

I had made lay bys at Foschini and paid all of them and i was told I am in credit with R300 when I went to Springs The avenues Foschini kids, I couldn't understand why I was told they would not credit the amount
because I didn't understand what the staff member was saying I asked if I could speak to someone else as she was loud I retaliated this happened at about 12h00 on the 02/04/2017.

She told me to use my cell phone to call client service and that she is not allowed to make any calls to client service, she told me she will call security for me to be escorted out of the store, she raised her voice at me causing a seen.
she refused to hear me out and acknowledge my concerns.
her language and manner of approach was uncalled for, I have been a loyal client at Foschini for years but to be treated in such an ill manner is really damaging to the Foschini image, such people should not be servicing clients at all.she gave clients's information to a third party, that is a risk to the company

I am one unhappy and disappointed client, she doesn't know how to be professional and has a bad attitude towards clients, she does not deserve to work for such a respected company like TFG. As far as i know she was supposed to listen and explain in a proper manner instead of shouting like a lunatic in such a big and well respected company.

She needs to go for client service classes and learn to treat clients how they deserve to be treated, i demand an apology from this rude staff member.
I do no know her name since she didn't have a name tag on

May 02, 2017

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