Forever 21returned three items only refunded for two!

My daughters have been Forever 21 customers for years and I also purchase Giftcards for them often as gifts. My daughter returned 3 items and when she only received refund for two she called customer service. She was told that there was only two items in box! I helped her box them up and we listed three items on return paperwork...there were definitely three! After my daughter sent many emails, she always received the same response..."we've rescanned your order and we only saw two items." I've made call after call with the same response and when I asked if maybe the woman who said there were only two items in box made a mistake, I was told "she doesn't make mistakes." WOW!!! So apparently somewhere between my house and the warehouse the sweater disappeared! I mean really, FOREVER 21! Look back at our very long order history! We've never had a problem before! My daughter and I aren't trying to cheat you out of $27! Can't believe you treat customers this way. WE AREN'T CUSTOMERS ANYMORE!!

Jan 26, 2017

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