Forever 21 / poor customer service exchange policy


store location: the florida mall
date and time of transaction 3/27/2017 approximately 6:15- 6:30pm
corporate offices of forever 21

i had purchased a pair of jeans in august of 2016. The tags were still on the jeans and i had my reciept. They had never been used.
I found the identical jeans with the same bar code in the size that i needed. The tags, make, model, were identical. The condition of the jeans i was exchanging for a larger size were excellent.
I realize the 30 days had passed per the manager re “store policy”. I expained that the jeans were identical.. I was not asking for a return in funds just an even exchange for the next size up. Everything was the same.. So instead of even exchanging them they credited me $8.99 of the original $19.99 i paid and had me pay the 11.00 difference.
What i was asking was in no form unreasonable. The manager could of even said “mam though our policy is firm i see know reason under these circumstances to assist you with an even exchange as the merchandise is identical.
Is this worth a formal complaint…a loss of future business.. A bad word of mouth to anyone that will listen.. A social media post expressing my dissatisfaction on how all was handled.

**update**spoke to corporate and they stand by the decision made and said "i was lucky to get that 8.99 credit" back towards the exact jeans i was trying to even exchange for a larger size"*****

Mar 28, 2017

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