Forest River / warranty work being done on wolfpack 325pack13

I purchased this rv new from Aok Rvs in Laurie Missouri. They told me they went through the camper before I purchased it to ensure there where no leaks or loose ends that could be taken care of before I purchased it. The first trip I took this camper on, every single sink was leaking from one spot or another, the water pump was week and the frame and wheels were rusting not even a week after purchase. Due to the sinks leaking there is water damage to all cabinet fronts/walls that contained a sink. The water system also slowed down to a trickle and had no pressure anywhere in the camper. When I called to schedule an appointment to have everything repaired on it, they made me wait a full month to bring it in, which is no big deal, I understand they have other things to do to. When I called after a week of them having it to check on the progress and to see when it may be done, they told me that they hadn't started on it and where expecting parts to be in after another week or so. My question is why couldn't they have started on working on the water system while waiting for parts, instead of holding it for that much longer to work on it when everything is in and why weren't the parts ordered in the month that I was waiting to bring it in.

Aug 06, 2018

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