Ford Motor Company / tire rotation - we were told to return & have nuts retorqued after 100km

Calgary, AB, Canada

Our Ford Escape was taken into Marlborough Ford in Calgary for a service before we left for California, they rotated the tires & said to take in & have the nuts retorqued after 100km, so we went to Advantage Ford & they could not get the correct socket on as the wrong size had been used by Marlborough but somehow they did their best.
We travelled to California & I checked our wheel wrench & it would not fit on any of the 20 nuts, if we would have a flat we would have been stranded.
I contacted the Service Manager & he could care less & said the nuts wear out & it was my problem, we took the vehicle in in good condition, they screwed it up & it's my problem??
We took the Escape to Palm Springs Motors & they installed all new nuts for $235.04 US $
We also had a new windshield installed at Marlborough for $60.00 more than other shops thinking they would do a good job, after driving away the sun was shining & the glass was filthy along with the dash etc.
Last trip to Marlborough Ford for any work.

Oct 23, 2017

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