Ford Motor Company / sync 3 slow to respond, navigation gets lost, dangerously distracting when driving and you can not even change the radio.

Took my Ford Excursion to my dealer (Mt. Orab Ford) 11 May for persistent problem with my sync 3 system. It Took three weeks to get an initial appointment. Left in the shop for the day and they could not get to it, rescheduled another appointment. Next trip to shop 15 May, they attempted software download that failed, needed to contact Ford engineers and would get back to me, Contacted service desk, 22 MAY: mechanic out needed to see what he was going to do. 30 May still no reply, stopped in to see service manager, he will check into it Manager called that evening to let me know he was checking with Ford and would get back to me. 12 June stopped in to see service manager again to find out that software now was on a mini sd card and needed to be loaded through a different USB port but they needed to get an adapter from USB to mini SD card and it was on order to call me when it is in.

13 July took vehicle to Beechmont Ford ( owners of Mt. Orab Ford). They checked and found bad APIM, ordered and hoped to receive by 7/13. Followed up with service desk and they indicated the part was on back order, no idea when it would be in. Waiting on follow up at this time.

I would like it fixed before I get in an accident caused by the distraction of this system. Obviously Ford is having problems with
the Sync 3 if parts manufactures can not keep up with the demand.

dennis, customer 132499

Jul 28, 2018

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