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Ford Motor Company / service at ford auto nation panama city fl

1 Panama City, FL, United States

Both times we have dealt with Ford Auto Nation Panama City FL the service has been horrible. About 4 years ago we traded in a Ford Mustang for another vehicle we assumed it would be payed off immediately, didn't even think about it. Then we received a late notice on the vehicle when we did not make the next payment. We had already made a payment on the vehicle that was bought in place of it, We contacted Auto Nation the said they'd take care of it. It took 2 months, many many phone calls and several points of our credit before it was payed off. We swore we would never go back. We bought a 2015 Ford f-150 last year from another dealer and it broke down this past Sunday evening while we were in Panama City. Assuming it was sensor and something we needed to go through Ford to fix we had it towed to Auto Nation. They did fix it telling us that it would be $273.00 plus tax. When we got there they charged tax and what they called a shop fee for disposal and paperwork as well. We paid this happy to have the truck fixed though this shop fee was never mention until then. The next day on the way home from work after only driving the truck a few miles a sensor came back on. I called Auto Nation and told them this. They informed me it had to be something I did. That they had fixed everything and that I would need to come in and have it checked out again for another charge. I asked them if it could be possibly connected to the other, they said no way. I took it to another mechanic the next day and he put it on the computer and said it definitely was connected to what they did. Apparently after fixing a sensor or doing something like that you have to reset it, the history or something and they never did so the truck still thought it was messed up. He fixed it in less then an hour. I would not have minded that they messed up and forgot or minded taking it back for them to fix but for them to say it couldn't be anything they did and tell me I would have to pay again was not ok. They have been nothing but problems every time. I love my truck and and would not have another but I will not deal with Panama City Ford Auto Nation again and will let everyone know how difficult they are to deal with and how unhelpful they are. Not to mention they will ruin your credit.

Carroll Lister

Jul 11, 2018

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