Ford Motor Company / ignition module 2009 focus s

When i bought my certified used car from a ford dealer in grapevine texas i asked for all paperwork about car i also asked why a trunk release was installed by previous owner but that was not true when i took it in for service at said dealership i asked for all paperwork on car and thats when i noticed that steering wheel was replaced i bought car with 68000 miles so i asked why they replaced the steering wheel but they refused to tell me why. Well now i know why the ignition module is a part that fails on all 2008 to 2011 focus and button that dealer said was instaled by previous owner was not for trunk release it was 5 dollar fix to start car so owner didn't have to pay 500 or more dollars for a part that should have been at the least had a TSB OR RECALLED. I have been a loyal ford owner all my life but seeing how ford motor company cares not 1 bit about its customers and only about making money when ford has known about this failure from the start and did nothing to help your customers and dealership that lied and covered up the fact that this vehicle had problems with ignition module i don't believe i will be buying any more of your products. Ford needs to fix this part at your cost not mine.

Thank You

May 31, 2018

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