Ford Motor Company / ford warranty will not cover my repairs on my f-350’s broken crankshaft

Moorpark, CA, US Review updated:

On oct. 16th I left my truck at the bishop ca ford dealer for repairs. 5 weeks later the dealer diagnosed my problem and asked me for service recocords. Today nov. 27th bishop ford calls me and states my warranty will not honor my repairs due to lack of oil changes. I disagree with the neglect in service the warranty has stated I am responsible for. This was the second submission to ford esb warranty and the second denial for repair in five days. The warranty person who has contacted me has placed my vehicle in the severe wear category due to their assumption I tow a trailer often which in turn requires more frequent oil changes. I have only towed my trailer 3 times since I have had my truck which I have bought brand new back in 2012. So their assumptions are subjective and not fact based. Anyways under normal wear as stated in the service manual my engine hours are below the requirements for service. I am hoping someone can help me with this because the repair bills are around 17, 000 dollars which is very expensive and a price I cannot afford at this time. I have purchased 5 brand new trucks from ford dealerships in the past and I have never been so upset with service and warranty as I am now. I'm an army veteran and an Emt by trade so that being said I do not make a lot of money. The diagnosis ford bishop gave me was a broken crankshaft and a new motor will need to be placed to fix this problem. The ford 6.7 diesel f-350 year 2010 and 2011 have this known crankshaft issue so I feel lack of maintanance is not the reason why my crankshaft went out on my truck. Please someone get back to me ASAP as bishop ford would like me to either pay for the fix or remove my truck from their property and they are located 300 miles from my home. My truck has been there for six weeks and one day without resolve. My number is [protected] and my truck vin is thank you kindly for any help

Nov 27, 2017

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