Ford Motor Companyfaulty hydraulic control unit - complete loss of brakes

To Whom is May Concern:
I own a 2011 Ford Edge SEL. I have owned it for 2 years and over the course of the 2 years, several times I have had incidences where the Brake Pedal all of a sudden goes all the way to the floor before it feels like the brake engages and the vehicle starts to slow down. Fortunately, I never hit anyone or anything and the brakes had always returned after turning the car off and on and going in reverse. Last week Nove.19, 2018 I was not that fortunate. While driving home from work I was applying the brake while going over a small bump and my foot went to the floor mid brake. I was able to again avoid hitting anyone or anything, but the brake has since not returned. At NO point have ANY lights come on of any sort. So you get NO warning, you go to stop and it just doesn't. Safe? I have had the car at the mechanics for 4 days where they changed the master cylinder, thinking that was the issue. It was NOT, they also checked the calipers, brake lines and ABS Fuse...NOT the problem. So a waste of $300 and a big inconvenience having to get rides to and from work. I then read about a consumer satisfaction issue regarding the Brake Booster. Which I am getting conflicting reports on if that is the issue. The dealership wants to charge me $200 just to figure it out. Some say a spongy pedal is a faulty brake booster, some say the pedal would be hard to push. Which is it, and why do I have to pay for a FORD dealer to tell me if what's wrong with my car is a FORD issue? Either scenario is a Ford issue! If that is the issue I have heard several places that getting the booster replaced only fixes the problem for about a year and it'll go again. Also, If that is NOT the problem they are saying that it could be and probably is the Hydraulic Control Unit. That repair is about $1400. $1400? ARE YOU KIDDING ME/ I have read hundreds and hundreds of complaints online of the SAME ISSUE. And nothing is being done. Ford is shafting people daily on these repairs. Peoples lives are at stake. My husband works for Ford Motor Co. in Windsor and has for almost 30 years. Its expected of us to Buy Ford, Drive Ford, Support Ford and Encourage family and Friends to do the same. Why in gods name would I recommend to anyone to buy a Ford, specifically an Edge. A car that I saved a lot of hard earned money to buy, a car that I loved for several years before I was finally able to get one, a car that now I literally take my life in my hands when I get behind the wheel of. A car that I can no longer have friends and family ride in. The number 1 safety feature of a vehicle is the braking system, Ford as a Company is gambling daily with peoples lives by not fixing this problem and leaving a lot of people scrambling to be able to afford the repair or sorting out how to get rid of the vehicle and get something else that IS SAFE. This situation certainly does not insure that that safe vehicle will be a Ford. Would you drive this car, would you put your family in this car? And I KNOW I do not stand alone. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to google this vehicle, I am sure you know there are literally thousands of identical complaints and a huge multi billion dollar company is asking people to buy their products for tens of thousand of dollars and they are not safe and the company doesn't seem to care! I certainly hope that you do something about this soon. You should be stepping up and creating a recall, paying for these expensive repairs for a known issue.



Nov 27, 2018

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