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Dearborn Michigan, United States
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My 2000 mile 2016 Focus RS ( for which I waited almost two years for delivery) was hit by a pickup on Jan 24th 2017 on black ice in upstate NY which damaged the front passenger side of the car. I am writing this complaint on June 23rd as the car has been sitting in the repair shop for 5 full months waiting for parts and repairs have not even been started. I filed a call complaint with Ford more than a months ago, but my file was closed when some ( but not all ) of the part had come in. Since then I have been told that a critical part needed before any work can begin is not expected to be available until July 27th if I am lucky.

In the mean time I have reopened my case but have not heard a not a word from the Ford regional client service manager regarding the matter despite numerous voice mails and emails. I even had to call the local parts department to provide to parts numbers to Ford corporate.

I have been a lifelong loyal Ford customer and my wife and son also drive Fords. I have purchase over $300k worth of Ford products over the past 15 years, but after this experience it is very I will move to Lexus, Cadillac, Mercedes or BMW where I am told this sort of thing could never happen.

Daniel Sudilovsky MD
Ithaca NY

Jun 23, 2017

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