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I purchased this vehicle 1 year and 41 days ago. I now have a stress crack in the front windshield that after contacting Ford i was denied any consideration on a replacement (case# cas13527798). I only have 13000 miles on my Edge and feel that this problem is extremely unusual. I have been in the auto service business for 45 years and under the circumstances i at the very least would have offered a 50/50 split on the cost of a windshield replacement. Ford paying 50% of warranty cost and i paying 50% of retail. This would have restored my confidence in Ford and their customer service. Instead i got a flat no. This may not have any effect on your company, but it sure does change my view of the Ford Motor Company customer care.

Nov 15, 2017
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      Nov 19, 2017

    We are on our third windshield replacement, due to water leaks. No Charge, but extremely inconvenient. I advise all 2015+ Edge owners to check under their dash and mats for wet carpet. Ford did a stop sell on 30, 000 2015 Edges for leaks around the hood hinges, but I think it persists. My dealer keeps blaming the windshield. I agree with your experience with Ford National. Also, very unprofessional, accomodating, or responsive, in my experience. This is my first Ford product purchased new. My take is they have so many quality problems, the dealers and national service personnel are overloaded beyond their ability to respond. I will not be buying another Ford because of this. Bad part is I love this car! We have the Sport Edge, with the Mustang twin turbo engine and it is as fast and comfortable as you can get. The quality is just not there. Oil leaks, water leaks, etc.

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