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Purchased a 2015 Ford Explorer Interceptor only 2 months ago. Bought it as an SUV 4x4 for traveling in and out of Suffolk County NY to work in New York City. The 495 E and W highway has been my route for almost 10 years. Anyone that has traveled on this highway knows that it can be a long commute or even a parking lot on certain days. I started noticing intense headaches, feeling nauseous, cramping in my stomach and wanting to fall asleep. I did some research and came about the thousand of Complaints from other consumers of the Ford Explorer vehicle causing Carbon Monoxide poisoning into the cabin. I complained to my husband and he drove with me on the 495 W into New York City and he became very sick as well.

Its unfortunate that so many complaints are being made by hard working families who purchased a vehicle for comfort, security and a source of transportation. Majority of our Police Officers who are driving in these vehicles on a daily basis are also exposed to this lethal gas. Ford is basically killing us in our own vehicle and hurting our Police Officers as well.

I have now parked my 2015 Ford Explorer Interceptor after only driving it for a month. Waiting for Ford to recall or purchase back all of the Ford Explorers. FORD it's kind of like homicide to your consumers.

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    I contacted Ford Headquarters and advise them of my situation. The current recall for the Carbon Monoxide is 17B25. I had our vehicle towed to our local Ford and the following was done:
    - Recall 17B22 - reprogrammed PCM to latest calibration to resolve software incompatibility codes
    - Recall 17B25 - BB5Z 7841617A - door assembly rear, DB5Z 5202 A - extension exhaust pipe, CK4Z 13014 B - Insulator tunnel, 4M8Z 78280B62 A - Valve assembly auto drain, installed exhaust tips, sealed body plugs, installed liftgate trim panel seal kit, reprogrammed HVAC.

    I went in after the recalls were taken care of to pick up the vehicle. Spoke with the Service Manager about the test to confirm that no Carbon Monoxide was leaking into the cabin and he stated "We don't test for the carbon monoxide leaks". I was confused because the recall was done to rectify the problem of carbon monoxide leaking into the cabin but they cant confirm if it is or if it is not because they don't have a meter to test.

    Drove the vehicle home and then to work the following day. Have gotten sick. Also acquired Tinnitus and visiting a ENT specialist who is now ordering scans and blood tests to be done.

    The vehicle has been parked for the last 5 weeks. I just paid for the NYS registration and obviously vehicle insurance for a vehicle I am afraid to drive.

    I have contacted Ford Headquarters again and they have stated that my matter has been escalated to Ford Headquarters manager who will contact me in 1 business day. Let's see where this goes. I will keep you all posted.

Nov 15, 2017
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  • Sh
      Nov 15, 2017

    I wouldn't hold my breath (pun intended). Have you used a carbon monoxide detector to determine this for a fact? If you had, I think a lot of people would be interested to know.

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  • Po
      Nov 15, 2017

    Have you taken the vehicle to a mechanic or used a carbon monoxide detector as mentioned above? Confirmation is important in situations like these.

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