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Ford - 2004 Ford F250 / customer service is a misnomer with ford!

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I have a 2004 Ford F250 with the 6 liter diesel engine. The truck has had a problem prior to 12k miles. It bucks and surges when going up a steep hill, making a noise that sounds like it's coming from the drivers side wheelwell. The truck has been into Bozeman Ford in Bozeman, MT 5 different times for this same problem. In addition, it has been into Broadway Ford in Idaho Falls, Id for the same thing. With these trucks once they go out of the 36k warranty, you have to pay a $100 deductible in order to get work done under the 100k engine warranty. I assumed this was a dealer charge and paid it in Idaho Falls at about 40K miles.

Subsequent to that, I've practically given up ever getting the truck repaired as nothing they have done has fixed the problem. One service writer at Bozeman Ford told me to wait awhile and hopefully, Ford would come up with a fix for the problem. I took the truck in there again on July 17th and this time, they took the turbo apart and cleaned the vanes. I was charged the $100 fee and protested. The service writer told me this was a Ford charge and not a dealer charge and I could call Ford's 800 number and get my money returned since it had been an ongoing problem.

Well, I called and got a woman who refused to refund my money saying there were too many miles between Idaho Falls and the last time the truck was in the shop. Notwithstanding it's all been for the same exact problem, I could not reason with her. What part of it's the same problem do they not understand. Anyway, I asked that a supervisor call me and today, he did, giving me the same answer that I had gotten from her.

Obviously, customer service is a misnomer with Ford and at this point, it's become a matter of principle with me. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Steven Summerhill

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  • Jo
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    My o4 F250 6.0L did the same thing, I took it to ford last week and they updated the computer and it fixed it. However fuel mileage went down so it is back in the shop. Once again they are trying to charge me the 100 deductable to fix an egr issue. They had it in the shop a week and a half ago.

  • Fr
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    i also have a 2004 ford f250 4x4 lemon!im going through arbitration in a week, through the better business bearu .my truck stalls, gets really bad fuel had a vibration that wore out the leaf spring bushing in the passenger side, that ford couldent figure out, i had to get under the truck and find it my self, after 6 times in the shop. i didn't notice that it was from a vibration until i took it up to about 85 miles an hour . and it would vibrate in a fluttering pattern.i also felt a serious loss of power, after 7 times in the shop for this problem, and having ford try to tell me that there is nothing wrong with it, i took it to a dynamometer tester here in camarillo ca. and proved my clam. it showed only 239 hp, and 398 fpt. at the best of seven pulls . where those #'s should of been 320hp, an about 600 fpt. ford knows that they shuffled a handful of bad motors into the heard, but they wont do any thing about it in less you get a lawyer or go through the BBB.

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