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Footsmart Products / Unsatisfying experience

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I recently returned a pair of shoes to FootSmart, within the allowed 60 day time period for returns. I had tried the shoes on 3 times, wearing them for 5-10 minutes each time and only in the house. When I packed them up to return them to FootSmart, I made sure to include all of the original packing and product materials. The shoes were returned to me, having not met "one or more of our required FootSmart 60 Day Easy Returns and Exchanges policies." The line "Footwear products not in original unworn conditions" was checked. I called today to speak to Customer Service and was transferred to a supervisor (Dean), who assured me that the return was reviewed by more than one person. But he could not tell me what was wrong with the product I returned. The returned shoes were not scuffed, they were not dirty, they were not damaged ... and they were packed with all of the original materials. Yes, I did try them on. But I have no idea of what was determined to be wrong with the shoes I returned, nor could Dean provide this information. He could merely restate that more than one person had looked at the shoes to determine that they were not in the original unworn condition. This was a totally unsatisfying experience. I will never purchase anything from FootSmart again, and I will go out of my way to give them bad publicity and reviews.

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  • Fi
      11th of Oct, 2010
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    I was just scammed by Footsmart. Do not buy anything form this site! I bought the AcuPoint Foot Massage appliance for a total of $284. The massager worked properly only 4 months! When I called Footsmart, they confirmed they were the manufacturers but unfortunately they did not offer a manufacturer's warranty! Only the 60 day return policy. So basically all the items they sell (including the most expensive equipment) are super expensive disposable items!

    Their whole business is just a scam!

  • Ya
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    I recently ordered shoes from Footsmart that ended up being just a little too big. I exchanged them for a smaller size using their shipping label on the exchange. I would have been fine paying the shipping for a more suitable size, but Footsmart later informed me that they no longer had the smaller size in stock. They refused to reimburse my shipping fees. Had I known they didn't carry the smaller size I would have kept the shoes and tied them tighter! Now I'm out $9 and still need shoes. Don't shop with Footsmart, it's not worth the risk unless you know exactly what you want and have tried the shoes on in a store.

  • Ar
      25th of May, 2011
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    Footsmart Products - Won't exchange defective slippers
    Footsmart Products
    United States

    I purchased a pair of house slippers from FootSmart and within two weeks of wearing them in the house, I noticed that on one shoe the upper portion of the shoe was separating from the sole. I contacted the company and requested a like-exchange for the defective slippers. I was told that since the shoes were worn, they could not be returned or exchanged. I explained that I wouldn't have known that the there was an insufficient amount of glue on the shoe if I hadn't worn it. The Customer Service Representative was entrenched and would not budge. I requested that a supervisor contact me and was told that one would within two business days. Two weeks passed and no one contacted me from FootSmart. I called again and was told that I could return the slippers, but if they were "Not in the original unworn condition" they would not be exchanged or accepted for a return. I returned the pair of slippers with a letter explaining the situation and a photo of the defective shoe. The slippers were returned to me because they were not in the original unworn condition. It would appear that FootSmart does not stand behind their products and will conveniently use any excuse not to exchange defective items.

    I would strongly advise not purchasing anything from Footsmart!

  • Di
      3rd of Jul, 2011
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    Footsmart Products - Don't waste time shopping
    Footsmart Products
    United States

    I ordered a pair of slippers from Footsmart for the holidays on December 15. I called on December 23 to check on status and was told by a representative at FootSmart that I had just ordered (it even though it had been 6 business days since I ordered it) and it took time to come in per it was coming directly from the manufacturer. I called on December 29 to check on the status and was told by a rep that a manager would check into it and call me within 24hrs. I didn't get the call and about 48 hours later I received an e-mail stating that the order was cancelled per the product was out of stock. I immediately called FootSmart to verify this and the rep confirmed that the order was cancelled. I told him that I was very disappointed with how Footsmart handled this and he said he couldn't speak for the other reps who I talked to and I tried to explain why I was irritated with the situation and he would butt in and tell me that I wasn't giving him a chance to counter the situation, but actual he wasn't letting me explain how I felt (he was the one butting in). I finally said that I was wasting my time and told him I was going to write up a negative review to warn others NOT to purchase through this company, that any customer would be wasting their time amd money. This company did many things wrong:

    1) They did not notify me immediately that the product was out of stock, it took me to call them numerous times before they checked into it.

    2) The reps were NOT friendly, they only cared about the company, not the customer. One rep made a promise that was not kept (promising that the manager would call within 24 hours of my call to them, which I did not receive)

    3) In the e-mail stating that my order was out of stock and the company offered me a 15% discount on a purchase of $50 or more, when my original purchase was only $36 --- that was an insult to me, why would I purchase anything from a company that has treated me so poorly and having to purchase over $50 at that.

    4) The representative telling me that I was butting in while he was talking when actually he was not letting me finish my statement, someone needs to tell him that he needs to treat the customer better than saying "your butting in, not giving me a chance to counter"... that puts the customer on offense so he should be repremanded as well. Let the customer vent and then say I may have a solution to our situation but he did not, his wording was all wrong. Again customer service does not exist with this company.

    Bottom line...

  • Ot
      27th of Jul, 2011
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    Footsmart Products - Waste of time
    Footsmart Products
    United States

    FootSmart does not update its web-store on a regular basis. You may spend a lot of time shopping on their web site and place an order.They will accept the order but two days later just send you a message that the shoes you have ordered are "permanently out of stock". So don't waste any time shopping on this web site.

  • Sa
      6th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    I ordered a pair of thong sandals size 10. My heel was a little over the back so I returned them for one size larger. I received the exchange pair of thong sandals. The box said size 11. When I opened the box the tissue paper was not wrapped around the sandals. The plastic brace that goes inside the sandal to hold the form was not inside the sandal but it was in the box. I tried them on. They fit the same as the first pair. There were no size markings on the shoes. I FELT AS IF THEY THOUGHT I WOULD BE STUPID AND NOT NOTICE IT WAS THE SAME SHOES. Of course I returned them right away. Now I'm waiting on my refund. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM FOOTSMART.COM AGAIN.

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