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FootLocker / awful quality products

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I purchased a pair of Nike trainers in my local Footlocker on Sunday, 22 July. Upon trying them on a few times at home, I realized they were a bit too tight, so at the first opportunity, i.e. five days later, I returned them, requesting a bigger size. I was flabbergasted when the assistant told me (and this beggars belief) that, because I hadn't kept the box, they couldn't do the exchange. I tried to reason with said shop assistant, but was getting nowhere, so I asked to speak to someone in authority, i.e. a manager.

He basically gave me the same mantra, which I obviously wasn't going to accept. I tried to explain in words of one syllable that nowhere on the receipt did it say "no exchange without original box", and for a shoe shop to claim they couldn't re-sell them because they didn't have a box to put the m in was totally ludicrous.

Eventually, after much to-ing and fro-ing, the manager told me to come back on Saturday, as their till wasn't working (???) and he couldn't do the exchange that day. I am venturing back in there on Saturday, but if I don't have a satisfactory outcome, I will be bringing this to the attention of Trading Standards and, indeed, Which Magazine, as I feel the public have a right to know about the dreadful customer service on offer at FootLocker.

I can safely say I will never make another purchase at this store, and in future will buy my sports wear from a reliable store.


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N  26th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Why would you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on in the store? Secondly, why would you throw the box away before you even tried them on? This really isn't the store's fault if you couldn't take the time to ensure the shoe fit before you purchased it.
N  22nd of Oct, 2009 by 
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You have been lied too. I work for Footlocker. They don't need to box as long as you have the receipt. As long as it's unworn and there's no defect. If there's a defect they have to give you your money back. I hope this help.
N  21st of Dec, 2009 by 
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FootLocker - poor customer service
foot locker
4211 south cooper
United States
Phone: 817-467-1876

we purchused over $500.00 dollars in merchandise $200 plus on two different days, and had two seperate coupons with no exclsions listed. they took the coupon one day and not the other day.So I called customer service and they said even if it had no exclusions they could refuse at any time.So we had receipt and hand and they would not give refund, they would only give store credit.Footlocker corporate (via phone ) stated it is common practice for footlocker to refuse coupons on products if it is hot selling product(wrong!!!)So they can deceive the customer if it benifits footlocker.I will not purchase anything that is affiliated with them or their sister companies.
A  21st of Dec, 2009 by 
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footlocker is dishonest
N  16th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes that didn't have the original box. Why didn't you save it if you weren't completely sure about the shoes?
D  21st of Mar, 2011 by 
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You are an idiot.. You should have kept your box until you were sure that your fat [censor] feet would not need a larger size.. Footlocker is the b e s t !!!
N  20th of May, 2011 by 
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FootLocker - Misleading
Los Angeles
United States

Never shop at footlocker. I bought some sweats and pair of trainers which I ended up returning. I spent $123 on them, and then sent them back. After waiting over a month and I finally received a refund for $122.. They said they would charge only $6.99 for the return shipping. This is ridiculous, I emailed them several times and they have NEVER responded. Their website does not have an address and they do not list a number.
N  20th of May, 2011 by 
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why did you send them back? What you got back sounds fair to me. Next time make sure you want it before you buy it
N  6th of Jan, 2012 by 
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FootLocker - negligance with footlocker and courriers
United Kingdom

i ordered 2 pair of convrse and i pair of adidas online from foot locker..chose the correct sizes as the shop didnt have sizes i needed...they arived yesterday..only to find that my size 7 converse are actually a size 6 inside a size 7 box...and to top that..the courrier had left my shoes with a neighbour..in a homeless acomodation who i dont even know..and didnt even leave a card through my door to say they had left them..or even phone me when my phone number was clearly printed on box..ithink thats rediculas..just as well the person was honest enough to bring them to me..dont trust couriers..also now have to return shoes that ive sat in waiting on pathetic..never again..
N  10th of Jan, 2014 by 
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FootLocker - Unsavory Practices
2000 Route 38 Suite 1055
Cherry Hill
United States
Phone: 856-662-8313

The Cherry Hill Mall Footlocker is showing favoritism at their sneaker releases where hundreds of young people line up for countless hours in all kinds of weather in order to get a pair of highly coveted sneakers. The same people are getting the sneakers at each release. Rumor has it that many of these folks are former Footlocker and current Finish Line employees. My son stood in line at 4 am in 30 degree weather to get a pair of Jordan Retro 11s. When he was about to get a ticket for his shoe size a female Allied Barton Security Guard arrived to say that he jumped the line and he was asked to leave. No one is going to let anyone come stand in line in front of them at these sneaker releases where violence often erupts. He was there at 4 am and was going to get a ticket. Ironically, this same Allied Barton Guard allowed 5-6 women to get out of cars and join their friends in the front of the line after never being in line and despite complaints from the line. In speaking with Security we were told there was a video. After a week of asking to see this video, the Director of Security told me the video was to dark to identify my son but the Security Guard, who by the way was overheard talking to those in the front of the and saying she got hers yesterday, said that my son jumped a barricade and cut the line. If, you can't see this activity then, why have a video taping of the entrance to the mall. Doesn't sound too safe to me. Please, save it. When I reported what was going on to the Sr. Regional Mall Mgr. of the Cherry Hill Mall, he was very much aware what was going on at these releases but I was told that Footlocker can sell their sneakers to whomever they want. I sought Legal counsel and there is nothing that can done. I expected that the Mall Manager had done his due diligence. I had contacted Footlocker Corp. several times and they assured me the appropriate action which they won't detail has been taken and they apologized. I'm not looking for apologies, I'm looking for changes to these practices in favoritism and auditing/monitoring. At this point I am going to reach out to the local tv stations and the many, many reporters who have written about these sneaker releases. Why doesn't Footlocker just do their releases online and not subject people to unfair and unsafe experiences while paying $150 or more for a pair of sneakers?

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