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ridiculous company

Placed an order with footlocker and bought a nice pair of good looking nikes. They charged my card and I was supposed to get some kind of payment confirmation but they didn't send me anything. I emailed customer service and they said that they don't have such thing as payment confirmation emails and assured me i'll get my order soon. Two weeks later I contacted them again and was told that my order was shipped.
Later they emailed me and said they made a mistake and told that my order was still in the warehouse. Later I got another mail saying my order was no longer in stock and they asked me would I like to place another order. I refused and asked for a refund and they said sure, but refund was never issued.

vip member rewards

I have became a vip member at footlocker over a year ago. I have spent $1, 245.00 in less than a year. Thi...

refund was not given!

Ordered a pair of shoes from www.footlocker.com and nothing ever arrived.in fact, I did not even get my tracking number and payment confirmation. Weeks later I contacted footlocker support and asked about my order and they said that something did not went through so they cancelled my order. Asked why didn't they told me about that but they did not answer that question and said that refund will be issued. Waited for days and got no money back so I emailed again but they did not reply. Never again I will buy something from footlocker!


Hi I was bought a pair of trackpants for xmas from footlocker I took them back to exchange them to a different size at your mt druitt store nsw 2770 the manager tara would not exchange them and accused me of washing them I explained to her that they had not been washed and how dare she accuse me of that she then became very rude and told me to leave the store I have reported this to fair trading nsw as o am unhappy with your poor service you can dna test the pants and I guarantee you will find no traces of washing liquid

free shipping

Will not honor free shipping on order of 75 or more I received an offer from foot locker so I decided to...

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price match policy

Thank you for the quick response susan. Are you a politician? Your first response averted to online policie...

won't return for store credit, but will exchange for different item. whats the difference?

On saturday, april 21 2012 I was visiting kansas city mo for a traveling basketball tournament my 14 year old...

never received my item or a refund

Never order from footlocker.com I never received the item. I purchased the pink nike comfort thong sandals from this website... With shipping included my order came up to $40. I was provided a tracking number and when the sandals were delivered they were delievered to a man named "tom" instead of "jasmine" (me)! Why in the world would you let someone other than who its name is in sign for a package???
I called customer service more than 5 times.. Stay on the phone for hours. Instead of giving me a refund they blamed it on the post office and then the post office blamed it on foot locker. So the receptionist I talked to told me to wait 2 weeks for a refund. I waited to weeks called back and they said there was no way to get a refund. It was too late to file a claim with paypal. So I lost $40 messing around with footlocker which I thought would have been a safe site since I have been to the store. Wrong! I will never ever order from them again... Ladies... Fellas do not order from this site! Look somewhere else.

  • Ja
    JasmineH Feb 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even though the post office screwed up Footlocker still led me to believe I would get a refund even though the post office screwed up then turned around and changed their story once I called to check on it.

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I am a woman thats been working for footlocker for 10 yrs. One day the mail man came in and we had been having a conflict of intrest and he pushed me I pushed him back and I got terminated... Same situation happend where a man who is the manager locked a theif in the store and him and 2 of his employees beat the customer up and put all the employees in danager a guess what he didnt loose his job he got a promotion... This company is so sexes its a mans world there is not one lady district manager in the chicago land area... So why did the man manager get to keep his job and I got fired and both of our problems happend in the same store, does this seem fair?

awful experience

I have never been treated so poorly.in this economy I would only guess that people that even work at foot locker would be glad to have a job and that customer service is very important. I went in to buy a pair of shoes for a gift and one of the sales guys took care of me. The shoes I wanted weren’t in stock so he ordered them from their shipping dept at an additional cost to me of 2 bucks, even if sent to the store. Ok, I ordered, happy I walk out the store and make a right and find lady footlocker next door with the shoes I just ordered in stock. I buy those and went back to footlocker to cancel my order and put the $ on my debit card.

Now this is where I entered into footlocker twilight zone. After a couple of days I check my bank account online and talked to my bank and no credit on my account. Bought 2, returned one I never got, still bought 2. Okay, bank said talk to footlocker. I call and got this guy named jr who claims to be the store manager. I simply asked what the stores policy was that I could expect to see the credit back into my bank account. Jr tells me that I need to talk to the bank, it’s not them. I told him about the stupid situation about going next door and finding the shoes and jr launches into the rant of “you don’t need to call anyone here stupid or #ed or foul language” none of which I did, I just referred to the stupidity of having to go next door to buy the shoes from a lady footlocker. Talk about a very bad attitude. Anyway the guy continues on his rant and then hangs up on me. My mouth dropped, I mean a little sympathy would have been nice.

So I called back to get his name and like a child he would answer and then hang up on me before I could get a word out. Then the phone just stayed busy until he stopped his behavior and answer ranting again at me. Now apparently the apple doesn’t fall from the tree because I called the online customer care? And they got mad that I was asking for the name for a district manager for the costa mesa store. They said this is the website only and hung up on me too. So I called new york and dropped into phone purgatory.

My only choice is to dispute the charges with my bank and handle it that way. I will never buy another pair of shoes from footlocker again in my life. That’s my saying and I will pass the word along to anyone that is thinking of doing business with them. My mistake.

  • He
    heath2011 Jul 06, 2011

    I find it hard to believe that you were a perfect angel in all of this, seems you left stuff out. i ould love to hear JR's side of things

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I just read a review someone gave about a manager named dan at marlborough mall and I have had the same problem with him as well. My husband and I went in there a few weeks ago and he was by far the rudest sales person I had ever met! I dont know how hes the manager there... Footlocker should have gotten rid of him by now.

rude service

Last week when I entered the store and was greeted by a asian boy named mike, everything was going well until I asked him if I could check out one of the adidas sweater that I couldn't reach so I asked him if he could help me. As I asked him but he was playing with his phone and he told me to wait as he was still playing with his phone. I felt like I was ignored and not treated with customer service skill so I just left and decide to never go back there again.

misleading information and waste of time

On saturday april 23rd, 2011 at 245pm, I contacted kids footlocker to inquire about some all white shellhead addidas. Which I was informed they did have and requested to hold 2pairs for me giving my first and last name. I arrived at the store at approximately 745pm, was greeted by one of the saleassociates stating if she could help me. I informed her about the 2pairs of shoes being held for me, assumming she had know knowledge of such. She turned to the manager veranda and asked the whereabouts of the shoes on hold. The manager veranda stated "if you did not come within 20 minutes of your call the shoes was no longer on hold and we don't hold merchandise". I said to her I was not informed that over the telephone and when did this start because i've never heard of that rule; by the way it's a holiday weekend there was noway I could get here in 20 minutes not even by breaking the law. The associate went into the back to check their inventory for the shoes and of course they were sold out! That was my reason for calling to have them placed on hold. I have three sons and my oldest is 20 yrs old and was never giving a 20 grace period to pick up merchandise that was placed on hold. I was always informed that I had 24 hours to pickup merchandise and if not it will be put back and sold. It's about 755pm after all is said and done I have less than 1 hour to find shoes. Remember it's a holiday so everywhere I went noone had a size 2 in the shoe or any white on white shoes in that size.
So my twin nephews was without their shoes for the holiday due to this rule that was made up by veranda the manager who works both foot locker and kids foot locker. The manager that normally works in kids foot locker adrianne very professional and respectful. Veranda needs to learn how to be professional and retain some people skills. I left messages with the president of foot locker about this matter and also would like a return phone call addressing this issue. Awaiting a response from someone who is of some authority about this issue

  • Co
    CommonsenseIMHO1 Apr 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    >"So my twin nephews was without their shoes for the holiday"

    Their parents don't buy them shoes?

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A couple years ago I bought some nike shoes for my mother from a foot locker. Well they didnt work out so I went to exchange them and didnt find anything that she would like. So when I went for a return (receipt in hand) the manager said he didnt have the cash, and I said "put it back on my debit card." manger replied, "our cc machine is broken it wont scan." so, I said "well then give me a store gift card." manager replied, "we are out of gift cards." so, I happen to have one on hand from a previous purchase and I said, "well here put it on this." manager replied, "oh no it wont allow us to do that." basically, he wanted to hit his goal for the day so he was trying to stick me with shoes that I couldnt use and didnt need just so he could make his day. And thats not the only foot locker location they do that at.. Its every one I go to its impossible to do a return. So, I refuse to shop at a foot locker. I dont let my family or friends even go in there when they are with me. I use to work for foot locker inc and I saw it done all the time.

  • Al
    Alistar Dec 16, 2010

    oooooor I just came across this website and saw similar complaints and thought id throw mine in there. But, if i had waited two years to write it as you stated "because i wasnt that upset" that would make it ok for them to treat their customers that way? And, if i had waited two years to return the shoes why would they tell me no in a round about way?.. why wouldnt they just say, "Read the bottom of the receipt theres a time limit on returns/exchanges." You must work there?.. Well lets just say I went to Finish Line that same day and spent $500 on shoes and athletic gear. So, Your manager may or may not have made his daily goal by refusing to do my return. But he lost a family of customers that include 2 avid runners, their mother who buys 2pairs of shocks every 3months, and their brother who likes his Air Forces fresh and new. Wether you think i was that upset or not.. i have not stepped foot in a Foot Locker since that day and NEVER will. Please have valid arguments next time you want to comment on someones complaints. Peace

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A lot of companies do not give cash back as a refund on debit cards. Often because they can't with their system and they don't have enough cash on hand.

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  • Ab
    Abalone Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you, Pobarjenkins, lets unearth the link.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What now?

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  • Mr
    mrcollmen Dec 23, 2010

    I would never again shop at footlocker.com! They are basically a scam. I bought some pants and a pair of sneakers that I ended up returning because I didn't like them.. I spent $50 on them, and then returned it to the return address.. Waited over a month and finally received a refund for $22.. They said they would charge only $6.99 for the return shipping. I noticed $21 dollars was missing that they stolen from me. This is ridiculous, I emailed them several times and they NEVER respond to their emails. I even checked on their website for an address and they don't list their address on it. That's how they screw people.. I would suggest anyone who's experienced this please contact me [email protected] Let's report them to the BBB and Rip Off site..

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unsolicited text spam

I usually avoid the overpriced items sold at footlocker and its sister company eastbay, but during a promotion, I bought a pair of shoes from them. During payment, I entered my mobile phone number as usual. I've since received an average of 3-5 unsolicited promotional text messages a month from footlocker and eastbay.

There are a number of issues that irk me about the unsolicited messages

1. I did not ask for them. I am extremely careful to uncheck any option for promotional mailings, and I certainly did not see a checkbox asking me whether I wanted text spam.
2. There was no option on my account at their website to stop this service, and there is nothing in their privacy policy acknowledging text spam.
3. I made my purchase at eastbay, yet I received promotional messages from both eastbay and footlocker
4. Most importantly, I do not text much and I get charged 20 cents per message!
5. All messages have a clause 'reply footstop to opt out'. I did this twice or thrice (at 20c each), and it doesn't work!

That's not the worst part. After a few attempts, I bite the bullet and called eastbay customer service. After making me wait the usual 10 minutes, the csr was nice and all, and assured me I would not get any further messages. I was super-clear that I did not want just the eastbay messages to stop, but the footlocker ones as well. She said that would be taken care of.

For a few months after that, I received no messages, but they've started again last month. I vainly tried to send 'footstop' again, and surprise — it does not work. I've finally had enough, and have done the following:

1. Blocked all text messages originating as email (which is the usual case) for my at&t wireless phone, using http://mymessages.wireless.att.com. I have also set an alias so I can receive text messages that I do want.
2. Reported the company and its practices to the fcc as it is a violation of the can-spam act at http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm
3. Wisened up to never give a company my real cellphone number again. There are services such as google voice which gets you a free sms number, not to mention better spam filtering.
4. Posted this complaint.

Shame on you, footlocker.

I won't support a company that doesn't abide by their own promises

Purchased shoes with spenco since the salesperson mentioned the unconditional guarantee as long as I kept the box. Returned today with the box in hand well within the year. The top layer of the inserts were falling apart. Nonetheless, the salesperson refused an exchange because his system does not go beyond 30 days. The barcodes were clearly visible and the same as the new ones they offer, so much for the unconditional guarantee and chalk one up for the sales tactic. I won't support a company that doesn't abide by their own promises.

terrible customer service and poor management

There is a footlocker in golden ring maryland that is ran by a young and very inexperienced manager. She has a very nasty attitude and has no respect for anyone on her team. I have witnessed her speaking ill about her management team. I do know her name. She has threatened to fire someone and she has not been there a year yet. She is very lazy and does nothing while in the store. She doesn't greet nor assist the customers. There have been complaints by customers and emplyees and emplyees family memebers and nothing has been done to correct the problem. She has rules of her own and does not abide by them. She is very shady and it is very disturbing to witness. The district manager has not done anything to assist as well. Maybe this complaint will assist is some sort of resolution. Management needs some sort of training and people skills. I was outraged when I witnessed and heard of these things. As should footlocker. Footlocker should be ashamed and I wouldn't be surprised if that store looses alot of customers. Get that store in shape footlocker llc. Get on top of these cocky children that you give these positions to they will hurt your business.

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 07, 2009

    Are you in the store that much that you are able to observe all these things?

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  • Be
    betty boo Oct 22, 2009

    don't shop at Footlocker if you know they have crappy services. i stop. now i'm happy shopping at finishline and shek which have better prices

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  • Mi
    Michael HUCKO Apr 30, 2014

    We have bought a sneaker from Foot Locker Istanbul Turkey Istinye Park Mall. After 3 days the tread opend so went back to the shop to return it and change with a new one. Unfortunately the shop nor the manager were not helpful. Because we only had the credit card proof of payment and not the Invoice.
    Please help as your Turkish office is not willing to be of help. Michael Hucko

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  • Md
    MD mum Sep 21, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The footlocker store is 62 Church street, liverpool l13ay
    I was there today at 3.30pm to buy shoes. I got some trouble girls where they swear and make nuisance in my business before cam in as i waiting for my shoes to come out. They tole the security that i took the pics of them illegally and i show them and security guard my fone. in my phone i do not have any pic of them at all... i have all of the pic i took on the street where is the wired go as well and i been kicked out of the store like trash just because he want to protect his own people WHITE. I did took my phone out to call my cousin and my partner to come to store to check out some new shoes so when the girls saw that they thought i took pic of them. because i am ASIAN that dose not allow him to treat me while i still waiting for my shoes and i am a customer. He Not even care how embarrass me in front of all the people like that and i do not do anything wrong... I told him call the police please as this is racist and he pushed me out of the door with all another customers eyes is at me., .. Today if i do not have my baby girl with me and my cousin take me away i thought i waited and i call the police so they can saw how ur security treat us. we work, we pay taxes like another people, we not deserve to be treat like trash like that.
    I hope you should check the camera and i am willing to tell you what exactly happened when i been there.

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inhuman treatment

They may be nice when you want to purchase an item but buyer beware. I have had now 3 incidents with the horton plaza location in san diego ca. I have been trying to make a return and the first time I didn't have my receipt and wanted a store credit and was told they don't have them and that I would need to hang onto the items and exchange them when I am ready. Anyways brian the store manager.. I don't know how the hell that could have happened was extremely rude. He appeared to have a personal problem with my husband and i. I have never been treated so inhumanly in my life.


I purchased online for a christmas item that I could return to a local store if it did not fit. I attempted 2 stores in my area which had closed. By the time I reached an open store I explained the situation with my unworn item (that is too large) and receipt for $119.00 paid. I was then a few days past their so called '45 day' return policy (not the amount of time I had posession of the item)

Not only were they unhelpful, nor had anything in stock I would want to use as a credit, but they stated they could not credit the purchase price. This is bad business and in my opinion, stealing. Online customer service said what the store says goes and would not allow me to speak with a supervisor. The store advised a district manager would contact me within 24 -48 hours. I was not allowed his number, and I was never contacted.

This is quite poor service. I shop often and have never run into such a lack of customer skill. I want a refund of my purchase and will not be shopping with them again.

  • On
    onlinebuyer Jan 26, 2010


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  • Je
    Jenny2004 Apr 09, 2013

    foot locker manager christina sucks in eastridge mall she made me wait one hour for a refund and she said she needs to have $200.00 in each cash register and then she tried to steal $20.00 from me and then because i asked for the $20.00 she said ### quietly so be careful when u go to footlocker look at the name tag if it says christina go to someone else so be really careful.

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unsecure website

Never, ever buy anything from footlocker.com. The website is not secure. Had $400 of additional charges from various companies I have never heard of taken out of my checking account. Wrote to footlocker & never received a response to my complaint. Footlocker has lost all future sales from me and every person I can tell.

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