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Dear Sir / Madam
I write to you because I need help, concerning my late uncle’s WILL. His name was Mr Mafukuzela Francis Ngubane (id no [protected])who died knowing that he had a WILL until we were told by the RICHMOND FNB BRANCH bank that his will was not signed but only had signatures of two witnesses therefore it was invalid, and we never got to see it .I’m very disappointed because his wishes were not fulfilled due to negligence caused by your staff members. I want you to investigate who was responsible in advising and helping my uncle in the drawing up of his WILL, because I feel that the bank has been negligent, how can they keep an unsigned document for so long and why didn’t they inform my uncle that the WILL was done when he wasn’t told to sign it, if that is the case.
This took place at the RICHMOND FNB BRANCH. In 2008, my uncle took my id and told me that they wanted it at the bank because he was drawing up his WILL. He came back to me informing me that he has done it and that, should anything happen to him, I should go to the bank to ask for it. For all these years he kept telling me the same thing, then on the 07/09/2010, he took me to the bank to give me signing powers in all his accounts, where we were assisted by a lady called Mbali, after that he asked Mbali if he could see a lady by the name of Theodora, Mbali showed us where Theodora was. When we went there we found Theodora already waiting for us by the door outside her office. She didn’t even let us sit but she asked my uncle how she could help him, my uncle responded by telling her that he has brought me in so that I could see the WILL, he requested that Theodora show me the WILL. Theodora responded by asking my uncle if there was anything that he wanted to change in his WILL, and my uncle responded by saying, ” No I just want my daughter to see it”, Theodora then said to my uncle “MR Ngubane if there is anything that you want to change in the WILL then everything is still as you have said” She then let us go without showing us the WILL. I also did not insist on seeing it because I trusted all the services offered by the branch staff. From that day that how I got to know that Theodora has been the one assisting my uncle with the drawing up of his WILL, because my uncle was the kind of person that wasn’t just assisted by anyone, he had his people that he chose to deal with, and most of the staff knew that, since its the small branch and because he has been with the bank for more than plus /minus 35 years. The following week on the 15/09/2010 my uncle shot himself and died. According to him he died knowing that he had sorted everything with regards to the WILL.
I’m trying to let go of the whole thing but I just can’t, since I have unanswered questions, and maybe my uncle is not the only victim of this. So I want to put an end in people being employed to do their jobs but don’t do it properly and since a WILL is a serious thing, and a lot has happened within our family due to this so called unsigned WILL and the bad part is that my uncle is no more to give clarity as to what happened.

Yours faithfully,
Ms Nosisa Maud Ngubane ([protected])


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