FlyDubaiterrible experience and horrible customer service at the airport

I would like to submit a complaint regarding my horrible experience with flydubai!

I had booked three two-way tickets for my parents and myself from Amman to Dubai on the dates (Dec 1st and Dec 6th 2018). One day before the flight I checked-in online and printed our boarding passes.

When we arrived at the airport, the guy on the flydubai counter said there was an issue with my visa (all the information in my visa were correct: my passport number, my picture and my full name in English, the problem was with my first name in Arabic), I immediately contacted the travel agency that issued my visa and they informed me that as long as all the other information (most importantly the passport number) are correct then my first name in Arabic shouldn't be an issue. The guy at the counter refused to speak to the travel agency lady, refused to discuss with me and called his supervisor which was even more rude and disrespectful than he was!

When we realized they weren't going to help we decided that my parents should go ahead and travel and I would follow them on a different flight after the issue with my visa is resolved.

My parents - who already had their boarding passes went directly to the gate (as the guy at the counter has already closed the counter without telling us although we were standing in front of him the whole time). Upon reaching the gate, my parents discovered that they weren't allowed to board the plane as the guy at the counter has already cancelled their flights!!!

When confronted he insisted that we were the ones who asked him to cancel the flights, that never happened as the plan was to fix my visa before the flight and if not, my parents will go ahead and travel as there were no issues with their visas, and I would follow on a later flight.

Seeing as all our tickets were cancelled, we had to book brand new tickets with Royal Jordanian who accepted my visa even with the typo in my first name. Our visas were accepted, we boarded the plane, reached Dubai, the workers at the DXB airport accepted my visa and I didn't face any issues other than the pain caused by the flydubai guy at the counter.

I demand to be refunded for the tickets cancelled by flydubai and compensated for the Royal Jordanian tickets I had to buy a couple of hours after the flydubai guy cancelled our tickets, also for the overall terrible experience!!!

Dec 08, 2018

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