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London, AR, United States

I am extremely disappointed with the service of your flights. I had specifically booked a flight from Dubai to Afghanistan from Friday morning 03/02/2017 to then depart back to Dubai the same day. Due to a ridiculous 5 hour delay I am sitting at the airport after hours until they reschedule the flight. This has caused me a lot of loss in my business and I have missed my business meetings which was scheduled after my flight as specified when I booked the flight.

No compensation or support had been offered at the airport or an alternative.

This is a horrendous way to treat your customers.

I'm am still waiting for updates your staff has failed to support your customers. I am writing further, for a full refund on my ticket I had purchased I was not warned of any such delays. If you would delay my flight this much I don't see why I was given the option to choose my flight time options. My flight time was very crucial to my business schedule now I have had a massive loss through the time I have spent at the airport.

As mentioned above I would like a full refund for my ticket.

Feb 3, 2017

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