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Complaint & compensation for disruption..

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2 x booking ref: wayhai / gw5fhh

Response recieved from flydubai
Irrelevant to my initial complaint

Please read my email below...

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Hello zaklina,

We understand how frustrating this situation was for you, and we have forwarded your feedback regarding the staff attitude and how the situation was handled to the relevant department.

Please note the flight times shown in our timetables / ticket may change between the date of publication and the date you actually travel; we do not guarantee flight times however we do try our level best to be as per schedule but sometimes for reasons beyond our control we may encounter a few delays. However we have rebooked you for the next available flight to your final destination.

Further information about delay schedules can be found in our conditions of carriage conditions of carriage section 9.2

We understand how frustrating unexpected flight delay or diversion can be to your travel plans and we thank you for your patience on the day and taking the time to offer your feedback.

Kind regards,

The flydubai team
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Att: flydubai
On the 28th of december 2016 I departed perth to singapore on qantas 71 I then connected onto bangkok with jq 513 on staff travel. I booked a commercial flight from bangkok onwards.

Once I arrived into bangkok after 2100 I proceeded to fly dubai check-in. I was early for check-in but I waited the staff advised that check-in will open in 30 min and I waited and waited for over 1 and half hours I was not happy staff actually lied to me about checkin opening times plus they were sitting around constantly on their phones it was very unprofessional and rude.

Once check-in opened I was called up to the counter I handed over all my documents and asked if my bags could be thru checked to skopje that was bot a problem but the staff then advised that I had not purchased baggage on the bkk-dxb flight but had baggage for the dxb-skp flight. I was confused as I have always had baggage when booking with flydubai. Staff said to me if I would like a bag checked in it would cost between $400-$500 aud. I was shocked so I was what are my options. I went on the flydubai manage my booking app I encountered errors logging in many times and finally after trying for over 30 min I finally logged in via my open membership login and added an extra bag I proceeded to the payment section and my card payment was not going through. The staff were not very helpful the supervisor could see what was going on that I was trying and due to the system error she could not even take a payment manually for me. I then asked what my other option was and for me to have a bag added I tried to upgrade to business I responded to an email the I received from fly dubai to upgrade for $150 usd reservations called me 40 min later once I was on the phone with reservations the agent advised that he would call back in 5 min as checkin was closing soon and he would require to get verification whether I could upgrade. I never got a call back I then emailed res many times and still no response and have proof of this.

By this time I was very distressed staff were still not that helpful I started to cry and that was so embarrassing for me. Finally before checkin closed the supervisor of flydubai said we can accept your bag to your final destination for 520 thai baht. I was finally checked in and rushed to the boarding gate by that stage it was over 4 hours I had not had any water I did not feel well. Once I got to the boarding gate I was advised that there would be a 4 hour delay due fog in dubai. I was devastated as I knew I may miss my connection on fz791 to skp as it was a twice a week service to skp and the next flight would be on sunday the 1st jan.

After all the stressed I experienced at checkin that was only the beginning as more stress was to follow. At 0600 in the morning on the 29th dec I boarded my flight from bkk-dxb once we took off flight was ok until we were 30 min due to land into dubai we were then diverted to fajirah international airport and I waited a further hour on the ground we then took off once we had clearance and landed in dubai. I knew at that stage that my flight to skopje had departed. I was extremely devastated and could not stop crying in front off passengers and the reason for this is that on the 29th of dec I had to be at the wedding registry office in skopje macedonia as I was getting married on the 30th december 2016. At the connections desk after 11am it was very full od disrupted passengers including myself. I waited for over 2 hours before being served.
There was only the flydubai supervisor pulat niyazmatov helping hundreds of disrupted passengera and I felt sorry for him honestly. Pulat then did his best to help me get on a flight but the best he could do is fim me accross to pegasus on the 30th dec 0505 flight dxb-saw-skp.

I was told that there was no hotel for me to stay in so I asked if I could go into the marhaba lounge as there was no where else for me to go. Once I got to the marhaba lounge it was full and uncomfortable for me so after a while I left. After 3am on the 30th of december I checked in for my flight with pegasus from dxb to saw & skp. Once boarded I reales that pegasus is not a full service airline and I was not given food or drink for the 4hour 55min flight once I landed in saw I then boarded my flight to skp. Again the short 1 hour flight I had no food or drink.

Once I arrived into skopje I was advised that my suitcase was left behind in turkey.. I was at that stage so distressed and crying I did not know what more to do I could not handle it anymore.. I did not have any extra clothes and in skopje it was freezing cold. My suitcase arrived the next day on the 31st of dec by then it was too late I was no able to get married at the skopje registry and I have documents to verify this. I had to go back to the aiport to collect my bag.
As it was new years staff were then on a 3 day break and the only time I can have documents sorted for my marriage registry was on tuesday the 3rd jan 2017 and unfortunately my flight home skp-dxb-bkk is on the 5th jan 2017. I am also required to pay for another extra bag as its now showing outstanding on my booking due to my previous online attempt.

My whole trip was ruined and I am utrerly devastated and due to all that has happened I request to be compensated for all the stress, losses, disruptions and most of all not being able to become married on the the 30th of dec as required.

Working previousy in the airline industry
For 14years I have never experienced anything like this.

Disrupted due delay

Missed connecting flight

Waited in dxb airport 18 hours no hotel room availability

No food service on alternate flight

Could not get married on 30th dec

Missed 1 whole day for my 1 week stay.

Baggage got lost and arrived another day late no extra clothes.

I had to travel back to aiport to collect bag as they did not have a delivery service.

Due to new years holiday I was only able to get married 2 hours prior to my return flight skp-dxb on the 5th jan 2017 it was rushed and I cried all the way home back to australia. I have evidence of this.

Jan 26, 2017

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