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My open letter to flydubai:
Sir/Madam of flydubai,
I complain about and demand compensation due to flydubai's negligence and poor practices causing me both
1) to miss my original intended flight FZ-043 from Dubai to Muscat on 28 March 2016;
2) to be deprived of my baggage for flight FZ-011 from Dubai to Doha on 01 April 2016.
I will pursue compensation.
I explain as follows.
For 28 March 2016 my boarding pass shows Flight FZ-043, Boarding Time 0615, gate F6. I was at gate F6 from around 0600. I listened for announcements for this flight and none was made. My previous flydubai flight from Doha to Dubai earlier that morning had a late boarding time where I was told casually to come back later, so this time I assumed the flight boarding had been delayed too but still I waited at the stated gate. Around 0700 I went to ask the staff member who had turned up at F6 and he said the flight had been changed and departed and I must speak to someone else. I was redirected a few times until eventually I found your Mr Monzy. I disagree with Monzy's suggestion that he made announcements of a revised flight, because I was at gate F6 from 0600, awake, and heard and saw nothing relating to my flight as detailed on my boarding pass. Monzy then told me I must pay AED 450, later reduced to AED 385, for the next flight FZ-037 departing 1045, in cash only. Monzy told me to go to the bureau de change who initially negligently gave me the wrong currency and no refund for the AED 450 and then told me that I should have simply withdrawn that sum from an ATM.
This occurence of a changed flight without notice shows poor practice by Dubai - other airports call missing passengers by name including 30 March 2016 2250 at Muscat.
I had never missed a flight until flydubai's negligence caused me to miss this one. This incident cost me the stated amount of the next flight plus around 5 hours' lost time I was to spend with my relatives waiting in Oman.
On 01 April 2016 I checked-in on time for my flydubai flight FZ-011 from Dubai to Doha including my baggage with fresh labelling applied. I got to Doha and found and observed from co-passengers that passengers' baggage for this flight had been released for collection except my own bag. I contacted QAS airport staff who helped me including a QAS staff member named Jonalyn I think. Ms Jonalyn's colleague indicated flydubai failed to update my record from the previous missed flight so it was assumed I missed this flight too and my baggage had been offloaded, despite my own having clearly boarding this flight successfully. Dealing with this missing baggage lost by flydubai caused me to miss Pegasus's scheduled check-in for my my next flight - Pegasus departing 0350 to Istanbul then London.
Given what I have stated above, flydubai is the worst airline operator I have experienced, and I demand:
i) a full refund for original flight FZ-012 & FZ-043 Doha-Dubai-Muscat 28 March 2016;
ii) a full refund of the replacement flight FZ-037 Dubai-Muscat 28 March 2016;
iii) GBP £300 for my baggage lost by flydubai for flight FZ-011 Dubai-Doha 01 April 2016;
iv) GBP £100 to compensate me for distress and inconvenience caused by all this.
When will I receive all 4 of my demands?
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Karthic Kukathasan

Apr 01, 2016

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