Unethical behaviour, not given refund after order cancellation
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I cancelled two sizeable Florday orders within hours of making them this week. After completing the orders online I discovered they had this odd "ticket" method of communicating that troubled me. Uncomfortable with the way customer service is set up I cancelled both my orders electronically. This company makes it very difficult to contact any real customer service which is regrettably not apparent until you make a purchase.

On my first cancelled order I'm advised tonight in writing that the return is complete, could they now go ahead with the order...??? No mention of my cancellation instruction or refund. I'm baffled how can a return be complete when I've never received anything. It is apparent that this system of communication is set up to dodge customers not serve them. The wait between communication from them is a frustrating and unacceptable full day.

On the second order once again written communication 3:00am my PST they suggest to me perhaps I would like to proceed and keep one dress I liked in the order and they would refund the rest. Unbelievable!!!

I will now have to wait yet another 24 hours for a reply to my repeated electronic return message of order cancelled issue refund. This has gone on for days now. I want my money back, they are frauding me.

I have not received any goods from this company and they have charged over $1, 000.00 on my credit card and refuse to acknowledge fully my cancellation instruction and refund my credit card. Instead, plaing word games with this "ticket" method of communication!

Tonight I have emailed the address found on this site "complaint board" to their "caring customer support team" for the prompt resolution of this unethical behaviour. I will post their response... sorry to all of you that have been mistreated by FloraDay and to all the ethical businesses that pay a price for companies like this.

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Apr 30, 2017

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