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Florida Department Of Revenue / child support

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I started working with Florida Department of Revenue over a year ago to try and get my daughters deadbeat father to pay child support. I even did all the work for them, I gave him his address and gave him the name of his employer. He works 5-7 days a week, there is NO excuse for him to not be served with his court papers over a year later. They have attempted once to go to his residence and once at his job, I know this because he calls laughing because he was able to avoid them. Every time I call them to ask why they haven't served him yet, I get the same response, "We have a lot of cases, please check back in 30 days". Are you kidding? They have a website that states they will locate parents out of state...they can't even handle serving paperwork to a deadbeat that is right under their nose. I am furious that my child has to go without because of the lame court system in Florida. I have tried to file paperwork with the Hillsborough County Courts and they make it impossible to get a court date unless you spend hundreds of dollars on an attorney. There are real men in this world that sincerely take care of their children, I happened to find one of the deadbeats. Where do you turn in the state of Florida when the court systems and Florida Dept of Revenue let you down. My daughter deserves to be taken care of by both parents.

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  • Rl
      10th of Dec, 2010

    I'm sorry you're going through this. This is strange because my husband was served with papers right away. It may be because his ex got a lawyer and did it through that avenue instead of having Child Services handle the case. In my case, the ex was a nightmare and just wanted more money than he was already paying. The state went in her favor for everything just because they view most men as dead beats. It sounds like in your case that is the truth.

    I'm not sure what your resources are but having a lawyer file the paperwork and suing him directly for child support seems to get the ball rolling much faster. The initial cost for us to defend (and probably for her to file) was about $300. It is a lot if you don't have it but I would recommend shopping around for someone that can wait a little for their money and asking anyone you can think of to borrow. Once he's on Child Support they seem to keep track of the ones paying much better. My husband would get an annual letter reminding him to register with the state if he moved.

    I truly hope you get your issue resolved and can provide the life for your daughter she deserves.

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  • Bo
      10th of May, 2012

    i am truly sprry but i once was living in orlando fla and was done the same way. first they made me pay to file cause i wasnot receiving any kind of public assisstance and i never got any help from them; i moved to another state and gave all of the information again and i finally got him into court ten ears later and he still dont pay but at least hes on it.

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  • Wa
      16th of Jul, 2012

    i have been recieving child support though child support enforcement for the past two month i also did all the work for them address place of employment you name it it took them two in a half years to finally track him down. finally we went to court child support was granted plus back child support, his pay checks were garnished but still no child support it took almost two months after that before i started receiving payments then what he was ordered to pay i didnt even receive all of it. when i contacted child support thay told me that they took out x amount for sur charges and fees i could not believe what i was hearing then i was suppost to receive his taxes for back support and its been nothing but a go around with these people . i dont understand i thought they were here to help you, but i have found out they love to lie to you tell you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone .

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  • We
      24th of Apr, 2013

    The Florida department of revenue took over $500 from my Son's Father's taxes and won't give me my money. I was told that the Father has to come in the office and on the paper from the tax office it states the only reason he needs to call is if he believe the wrong amount was taken. i am calling to have a lawyer look into the Child Support office and see about doing an audit and investigation. I have been dealing with the child Support office for 13 yrs and it has NEVER been right. i have been to court 3 times and ALL 3 times I had to tell them how to do their. I am not being mean but a good bit of parents dealing with this office don't have computers, cars, money for Lawyers and if a Father isn't paying support and the IRS takes the money from them then how many do you think will call and say hey will you release the funds to my "Baby Mama"... To me this is wrong! It's a good thing that my Son's Father and i are good friends because I wouldn't have known I have Support money sitting in the State child support office somewhere! I tried to go to the court in town and pay to do services like re modify etc... and I was told no because the case with this office is open so needless to say I would have to close services stop the support coming and redo everything with the local court and that would take over4-6 months to even get a court date while no support is coming in. This needs to be checked into by the BIGGER people. their are parents out there who get no funds and have no job to support their kids or ones like me that work full time and pay EVERYTHING from Rent, all utilities under the sun, I pay for all of mine and my kids health, life, accident insurance and manage a special needs child and a very sports involved child so I still need my MONEY being held by the state! Makes me sick... Seems like something more is going on. I am currently on hold and have been told it would be under 20 minutes but it is now at 35 mins. on hold!

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  • Mo
      14th of May, 2013

    I have been dealing with this agency for a year and have gotten nothing accomplished. I thought it was just me until I read these complants. I call and they lie to me about everything! Telling me the case was closed because the affidavit was not mailed in on time. Which is a lie because I have records from the post office tracking telling me when it was received. Then the next story they tell me is that they can't find him? I give his address, work address and still they don't serve him with papers. It is so frustrating to deal with this on top of everything else you do as a parent. It's not right to lie, and give people wrong information just to get you off the phone. They should be sued!

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  • Ga
      1st of Jul, 2013

    The Florida Dept. of Child support/ DOR is horrible. They are incompetent, rude and ineffective. I have been dealing with them, for years. They not only held my child support, to do a "review" of my EX's case, who lives in California... but they are garnishing his "wages". HE has never been late, he has never missed a payment, yet somehow the state of Florida says he is $20, 000 in arrears. He & I agreed years ago to be civil, I moved to Florida, but when I fell on hard times, I needed assistance with food stamps and insurance for my daughter. THE state demanded that I "co-operate" with them and go thru the state DOR/ Child support office or else my child would not be eligible for any "benefits"... all this did was screw me up & now they are holding the child support from the last 3 months, NO one at this dept. can tell me when the "hold" will be lifted, even though the review was officially closed in May. Its now JULY and I have no other recourse except to complain on a website, or stand in line at the county office an hour away, with all the other women who are getting royally screwed. BY THE WAY, I think Gov. Rick Scott should have to come to POLK county and stand in line with me, in Lakeland. HE would get a reality check about what is really happening in his state. Child Support Enforcement & DOR should be investigated, re-structured, and completely re-staffed, re-train all their employees. Child support is for the children, to help them & care for them. I don't see why DOR has no system of checks & balances. All I have is... an empty bank account and a complaint on a website. I agree, They should be sued.

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  • Mo
      28th of Oct, 2013

    I agree completely with Gatordiva! The Florida DOR and specifically the local Broward County office are a total joke and waste of time! I have spent countless hours this year alone at the local office because of "system issues". The excuse is that the new system doesn't communicate with the statewide system and keeps closing and opening cases as if they are starting brand new. They then send me letters saying I'm non compliant and want to take sanctions against me! I'm the custodial parent in two cases! in both my exs get away with paying very little or nothing. There is not one competent person who can make this enforcement happen. It has been beyond frustrating. Do these folks get paid to shuffle around papers and click on check boxes in the computer and they have no clue what they have to do???????

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  • Ch
      27th of Dec, 2013

    I have been done the same way.. I have been working with the agency for over 7 years and nothing. I started to ask questions and even asked to speak with a supervisor and I was told by the supervisor Darleen Smith that if I don't like it I can close my case. Are you kidding me. I don't know who to turn to or who to ask. We are entirely at their mercy and they know it. There are no advocate for us and they know it because they are suppose to be our advocates. They don't care. They miss handle cases and answer to no one and then when you complain they tell you if you don't like it to close your case. I am frustrated and angry not for me but for my child. There is no one I can turn to no one that can help.

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  • Ph
      1st of Jul, 2014

    Good for him! You dirty ### love to spread your legs and hold the father responsible for support! Bunch of whores!

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  • Er
      1st of Jun, 2016

    I just got my license suspended because of past due child support that is only $3, 000 I went down to the courthouse to try to offer them $100 a month this is only the arrears they told me no that was not enough and my license will be suspended Monday on the 6th of June remind you I have a felony record that's over twenty years ago I can't get a job I have custody of a 10 year old girl that depend on me to drive her to school and pick her up but then again child support want to suspend my license if I didn't come up with one lump sum $3, 000 is my Rears so what can I do to get my license reinstated I do not know now I have to walk my daughter School luckily that June 8th school is over. And a child support arrears that I have to pay is my son and he been away from home since 14 years old on his own and got 3 kids so I'm a granddaddy but I still got to pay $3, 000 and I got my license suspended and I told the lady you can't milk a cow the cow and got no milk and she's not trying to help me she was just being mean telling me that I owe child support should come first before my 10 year old

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