FlixBus / FlixMobility / ref [protected] ask to pay 27 e for a suitcase but was already paid for it did not give receipt travel amsterdam to london

United Kingdom

My daughter took flixbus from Amsterdam to London on the 24 October 2018
we pay 2 e on line for her extra luggage.
when she arrived at the station in Amsterdam the driver told her your suitcase is too heavy, even so he did not weight it or lift it.
he told her to pay 27 e and did not take card payment, she run to the machine that only gave 20 e so she withdraw 2x20 e so a total of 40e.
he told her that he will leave without her if she is not back in 5 mn even so she left her luggage.
he then ask her to put herself the luggages, and took the 40e, he told her i have no change and that he will give her at Bruxelles where they will make the changement.
i thought it look weird so i directly contact the customer service, they excuse the behaviour of the driver and told me extra is 9 e and that i paid already for it and that the driver needs to give her a receipt at bruxelles.
At bruxelles she ask for her change and recepeit he gave back the change and said he could not provide a recepeit and she needs to give her, her email address and he will send it later on.
since no email has arrived.
like i told the flixbus customer service he was not even suppose to charge us(and like they say it is 9e not 27e) it took advantage as my daughter is 15years old he might have keep the money for him.

Oct 25, 2018

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