FlixBus / FlixMobilityinterflix / voucher codes not received

We have paid for Interflix on 12.05.18. At the moment more than one week passed and Flixbus sent no voucher codes. We made the payement however received nothing up to this date, 20.05.18.

We are in contact with their customer service and the only answer we got is "have more patience". They give us no proper answer, they don't know what is going on and they have no idea what the problem is. The worst part is they lied us that we need to wait 14 days to be able to cancel the tickets. However after reading their terms and conditions, we realized that it is the opposite. We are going to lose our right to cancel the tickets after 14 days.

So in summary, we made payment for Interflix and Flixbus sent nothing in return up to this date. We feel like we are robbed. We think we are not going to receive any codes, as well as our money back.

FlixBus / FlixMobility

May 20, 2018

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