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Date: 14/07/18
Reservation n: [protected]

Hi, I am reporting you what happened this evening.

I was expected to take a Flixbus bus from the Mestre railway station (Italy) with destination Taranto (bus number N440) at 21 pm.
At 20:30 pm I was already in front of the station where all Flixbus stop. As at 21.00 pm I did not see my Flixbus, I tried to find its current position on Flixbus app. No information were available. I also called the customer services. The system told me that my Flixbus was ON TIME (how that was possible as it was already 21.00 pm?!).

At that point, I asked to a Flixbus employee to help me. He called your offices (I suppose) in order to have more information about my bus as I was unable to find information by myself. That employee told me that my Flixbus was expected to come at 22.00 pm, so with 1 hour of delay.

For me was fine. I was fine to wait.

Suddenly, I saw a message on my mobile telling me that there have been a change of buses: instead of Flixbus my route was supposed to be covered by another company called CEGLIE with "a black bus".
Finally, I realised that the bus had left at the right hour but with another company, and so I was waiting for anything. No bus would have come to pick me up. I want to point out that the message was sent me 30 minutes before the departure (at 20:30). I do not know why I received it in late. Maybe because of the storm that was occurring in Mestre at that time.

Anyway, in the end, I have to stay here the entire night.

I do not know if I can receive a refund for this inconvenient but there are some things that I want to point out:

1st: you cannot send a message and not publish the same information on the app as it is supposed to be "online". Someone may not receive a message on time (as happened to me).

2nd: the employee that is in charge of the transportation is obliged to say something to the crowd if Flixbus has changed fact, I remember that black bus coming at the station and NO ONE said "hey, there was a change of company, this is the bus for Taranto". You can imagine that if you do not suspect anything, people keep on waiting Flixbus without caring about other company and their destination. What I want to say to your colleagues: to make a call or screw something to the crowd in order that anyone can hear them may change people's experiences with your company. At this time I may have been at home instead of still being at Mestre station only because I did not receive your message on time.

4th: there still something to clear up: why the customer service told to your collegue that the bus was still coming?!

I hope that this complaint may be of inspiration for you as I am not a first Flixbus user.

Best regards.

Veronica Burgoni
+39 [protected]

Jul 14, 2018

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