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I never heard of Fling. Suddenly I am a member and getting dozens of spam mails for all the girls that want to meet. Yeah right, scam smell all over :P But point is: I never did subscribe or signed in. I did never ever heard of Fling. Yet somehow I suddenly am. Did contact them but I had to give my user name ... which I don't have since I never signed up there!!
I did some searching and LOTS of the same complaints like mine. Seems that Flings just buys mailing lists and adds all kind of things as "new users". No wonder they claim to be so big :(
In the mean time they just keep on spamming me ...

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  • Vr
      Aug 01, 2012

    @ Gary Grant
    Ah no, I am his reincarnation :P

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  • Al
      Jun 06, 2013

    Fling is a Scam and Spam
    They show dozens of women and say they are from my town, NONE of them do as this is a small town and I know everyone.
    I entered the site and found at least 10 KNOWN Scammers, I complained but Fling Doesn't care at all, the Scammers are still there.
    Fling is not the only dating Site that does this, I find they all do it.
    Every Dating Site is a Scam

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  • Si
      Oct 26, 2015

    Same thing happened to me, about a few days ago I got an email from one of the members of saying that they wanted to share messages with me, I deleted the email from my inbox, the next day I get another email from saying another member had viewed my profile (which I didn't recall ever creating) and had left a message, when I went to view the message I found that I had to pay about $2.00 to view it.

    Now last night I started getting messages from a member called "Hot Angelica" who said she wanted to meet me, she eventually suggested that I make a donation to a Cancer charity of either $200.00 for 4 Hours, or $400.00 for two nights, it was then that I "smelled a rat" and told her that I couldn't afford it.
    Next I got an email from a member calling themselves tintin56fgdfghdfhffghgfjhfgjghjhgjhj...soon as I saw that my suspicions were aroused, and here I am on this website.

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